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Riverhead Logistics Center

Not a ‘traditional warehouse’: Residents tell planners NorthPoint should be analyzed using traffic data for high-cube fulfillment centers

Riverhead planners are using traffic data for a traditional warehouse to analyze NorthPoint's projected traffic impacts on local roads. Residents object, arguing the standard underestimates traffic for fulfillment centers, but the town's traffic consultants defend their analysis.

Hubbard advocates 18-month moratorium on warehouse development in Calverton, but Town Board majority is on the fence

“The industrial area in Calverton seems to be a hot spot for people wanting to come and build warehouses. And it's almost like the floodgates opened up and we got inundated…" Town staff backed him up, but his fellow Town Board members were not so sure.

The Planning Board is right. Riverhead must hit the brake on development while comp plan is updated.

The proliferation of massive warehousing and logistics buildings proposed in Calverton alone can forever change our town's landscape. With development, there are no do-overs.

Planning Board adopts final scope of review for Riverhead Logistics Center

The Riverhead Planning Board last week voted to adopt the final scoping statement for the 641,000-square-foot Riverhead Logistics Center on Middle Road in Calverton.

Environmental review for massive Calverton logistics center would be expanded by revised scope incorporating public comments

Developer North Point will be required to analyze potential cumulative impacts of its proposed massive logistics center on local roads, air quality, water supply and wastewater management, under a final DEIS scoping statement on the Planning Board’s agenda Thursday.

Residents demand closer scrutiny for Riverhead Logistics Center, especially traffic impacts

Local residents are demanding closer scrutiny of impacts, especially truck traffic, from the proposed Riverhead Logistics Center on the west end of Middle Road in Calverton. The developer's scope of review is not adequate they told the Planning Board.