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Riverhead Water District

Riverhead and Suffolk County Water Authority are negotiating agreement for Manorville public water extension, as cost estimate for work soars

Riverhead Town and the Suffolk County Water Authority are negotiating the terms of the intermunicipal agreement for their planned joint effort to bring public water to an area of Manorville near the former Northrop Grumman manufacturing plant in Calverton where private drinking water wells are contaminated by toxic chemicals.

Water forum scheduled for next Wednesday; updates on Manorville water agreement expected

The next Riverhead Town water forum will take place on June 22 at 6 p.m. at Town Hall and will cover updates on projects surrounding drinking water-related issues.

Riverhead and Suffolk County Water Authority will work together to bring public water to Manorville, under preliminary agreement discussed yesterday

Under a preliminary agreement discussed "in broad strokes" yesterday, the water authority would install about 3,000 feet of water main and serve 64 homes in the Town of Riverhead from the SCWA system.

Suffolk County Water Authority offers to help Riverhead bring clean water to Manorville homes

The Suffolk County Water Authority has offered to assist Riverhead Town in the construction of a water main extension to the Manorville area south of the former Grumman facility, where residential private wells are impacted by or threatened by chemical contamination.

Riverhead sought $9 million for public water extension to homes near former Grumman plant in Calverton. It got $3.5 million. Now...

Riverhead Town has come up short on federal and state funding requests to cover two water district extensions to serve homes in Manorville and Calverton in the vicinity of the former Northrop Grumman facility in Calverton.

Riverhead Water District to begin annual water main flushing April 17

The Riverhead Water District’s annual flushing of water mains will start on the evening of April 17 and run until May 7. 

Federal representatives secure $3.5 million for Riverhead’s Manorville water extension

Federal representatives have secured a $3.5 million grant for Riverhead Town to help offset the cost of bringing public water to more than 60 homes in Manorville. 

Town officials discuss water infrastructure, need for developers to shoulder costs

Town officials are asking residents to advocate for developer contributions to the cost of water infrastructure needed to grow and maintain the Riverhead Water District's capacity.

Riverhead Water District asks residents for contaminant data to strengthen its grant opportunities

Water District Superintendent Frank Mancini said during Wednesday’s water forum that the town has had a difficult time obtaining contaminated private well data within the boundaries of the Riverhead Water District from the Department of Environmental Conservation and Suffolk County Department of Health Services. He asked residents with private well contamination to send the water district their test results, because documentation will help the town gain infrastructure grant funding.

Second Riverhead water forum scheduled for Wednesday

The second Riverhead Town water forum will be held in the town board meeting room on Wednesday. The forum aims to facilitate an informal discussion between town officials and residents on issues pertaining to the Riverhead Water District and Riverhead’s public water supply.