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Riverhead Water District

Planning board chairman wants more ‘solid’ information about water availability before approving new development

Citing questions surrounding the capacity of the Riverhead Water District to supply customers during peak demand periods, the planning board chairman said new development applications require increased scrutiny.

New York’s tough new drinking water standards may help local residents without access to public water

With standards now in place in New York for "emerging contaminants," the county health department will have to test homeowners' wells for them and homes where wells exceed the new standards will be eligible for special filtration systems.

Riverhead’s water system lacks dozens of state permits, creating major hurdle for EPCAL subdivision approval

Since at least the late 1990s, the Riverhead Water District has built its current distribution system without permits required by state law, installing miles of water mains to serve hundreds of residential and commercial developments across the Town of Riverhead.

Riverhead adopts water rate hike and use restrictions

Riverhead Water District customers will be paying more for water under a new rate structure adopted today by the Riverhead Town Board. At the same time, the water district has imposed use restrictions on its customers.

Riverhead to implement immediate, mandatory water conservation measures

Riverhead Water District customers will be required to adhere to an odd/even day schedule for irrigation and No watering will be permitted between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. or between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. every day.

Riverhead Water District rate increase, new capital improvement surcharge proposed

Among the deferred capital projects that urgently need attention is rehabilitation of the elevated water storage tank just north of Route 58, which the water district's engineers said needed the work in 2010. Its condition has reached a 'critical point,' the water district superintendent said last week. Photo: Peter Blasl

Water wars: Town pulls trigger on water district extension for Manorville in effort to keep water authority out of Riverhead

After years of request for public water by Manorville residents, the town board last night took the first step to provide the service, after learning the SCWA is now exploring bringing water to the area.

Riverhead Water District employee has a heart for the ‘Tin Man’

Riverhead native Nick May always admired the iconic 'Tin Man' water tower — the water district's original storage tank. He's restored its commemorative plaque, marking the occasion of its completion in 1915.

Riverhead Water District to conduct fall flushing in limited area

The Riverhead Water District will begin flushing the mains in a portion of its system next week. The...

Understanding the true cost of water on Long Island — it’s too complicated, group says

Water costs across Long Island's 48 water districts are “confusing and widely variable," making it difficult for residents to understand the true cost of water.