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Riverhead Water District

2014 0417 hydrant

Riverhead Water District begins annual spring flushing of system’s water mains

The Riverhead Water District will conduct the annual spring flushing of its water mains now through May 10. Here's what to do if your water looks discolored. Plus instructions for flushing the pipes in your own home.

Sole bid for treatment system to clean up contaminated well approved by town board; $522,500 project budget set

Facilities required to remove the contaminant perchlorate from Riverhead Water District’s well 16, one of the district's newest facilities, has a price tag of more than half a million dollars. The town board approved the $522,500 project budget and awarded a $279,516 bid last night.

One of Riverhead Water District’s newest wells offline, needs costly system to remove contaminant perchlorate

The $2.2 million well 16 in Calverton, a critical supply well completed in 2011, needs treatment system that will cost Riverhead up to $555,000. A public hearing on the expenditure is scheduled for Jan. 6 at 2:10 p.m.

Jamesport fire chief on battling fire at condo: ‘It’s a nightmare up here’

Jamesport firefighters made a quick stop of a raging fire at a Sound-front condominium complex, thanks to tanker trucks from six area fire departments. The water supply from fire hydrants is inadequate, Jamesport fire chief says.