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Shotgun hunting season

2013 1207 deer hunt

Riverhead to hold lottery for deer hunting during January shotgun season

The Town of Riverhead has started accepting applications for the upcoming season’s shotgun-hunting lottery, which will take place Dec. 7.

Riverhead to hold lottery Wednesday for January deer season permits

Town-owned land at EPCAL and a 32-acre parcel on Sound Avenue in Baiting Hollow will again be open to deer-hunting during the special shotgun deer season in January.

Town to hold shotgun season permit lottery Dec. 4

Riverhead Town will hold a lottery on Wednesday, Dec. 4 for permits to hunt for deer on town-owned land during the special shotgun season on Long Island in January.

Calverton recreation trail to close through January for shotgun hunting season

Riverhead’s recreation trail at the Calverton Enterprise Park will be closed to the public from Jan. 7 through Jan. 31 for the shotgun hunting season for deer.