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Sister Margaret Smyth

Latino community bids an emotional farewell to beloved Madre Margarita

Hundreds turned out for a wake and prayer service in Spanish at St. John the Evangelist Church to honor and remember the woman whose indomitable spirit, tenacity, and devotion touched the lives of many throughout the region, lighting a flame that will continue to burn bright for generations to come. 

Sister Margaret Smyth invited by senator to hear Pope speak in Washington, D.C.

In perhaps the most heaven-sent of invitations, Sister Margaret Smyth of the North Fork Spanish Apostolate has been asked to hear the Pope speak...

Where are the Guardian Angels? After nun says ‘nobody knows they exist,’ Curtis Sliwa explains

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa responds to comments by Sister Margaret Smith last week about the group's lack of visibility in Riverhead.

‘Climate of fear’ for Riverhead Latinos made worse by board’s ‘sanctuary city’ comments, immigrant advocates say

“How can you expect someone to come in front of a group of people and ask for help when those people are saying really ugly things about them and their families?” said Laura Lemus, civil rights advocate.

Is Riverhead a ‘sanctuary city’?

Several town board members feel that Riverhead's policies regarding undocumented immigrants are too similar to the laws in San Francisco that kept a man from being deported before he allegedly killed a woman last Wednesday.