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Special events

Second Latin Music Festival planned for June 12 nixed by Riverhead Town Board

The Riverhead Town Board gave a unanimous thumbs-down to the application to hold a second "Latin Music Festival" at the 4-H Camp June 12.

Town shuts down music festival at 4-H Camp Sunday after event exceeds maximum attendance allowed by permit

Traffic was at a standstill on Sound Avenue Sunday afternoon in the area of the Nassau County 4-H Camp, where a music festival exceeded its maximum permitted attendance. Town police shut the event down for safety reasons, Riverhead Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar said.

Latest Special Events Law overhaul needs more work, input from police chief and fire marshal, councilman says

The proposed Special Events Law amendments, the subject of a town board public hearing last week, would slash the time town officials would have to review and approve special event applications and drastically reduce the amount and type of information required to be provided by event promoters in their permit applications.

Life before the pandemic: A year in the life of our community in pictures

Reminisce with us as we take a look back at annual events that take place in Riverhead. Enjoy these photos we took at past community events. Most were taken in 2019, with a few from a year or two before.

Special events get spring break: ‘Amnesty’ proposal would push back effective date of new, stricter rules for events

Special events taking place before June 18, like the Riverhead Rotary Club's annual garden festival, will be able to get permits under the old rules, if the town board approves an 'amnesty period' proposed by Councilwoman Jodi Giglio. The plan is set for an April 2 public hearing.

Take two: Town Board to consider changes to new special events rules

After coming under fire over new rules for special event permits, town board members are scrambling to amend the rules so a popular consignment sale can go forward next month.

Riverhead looks at limiting special events during peak fall traffic season

The town is assessing the types of events held in Riverhead and their impacts on traffic, and may impose limits on the number of big-draw events allowed to occur simultaneously or on the same weekend. It is also considering a fee hike for the required permit to better cover the town's costs associated with the event.

North Fork Horseradish Festival moving to Pulaski Street brewery this year

The North Fork Horseradish Festival will be held in Polish Town this year, if the Riverhead Town Board approves a special event permit application...