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State education aid

Riverhead’s $14 million hike in state education aid will allow district to restore cuts and add programs without any property tax...

After word that the Riverhead Central School District has received a $14 million hike in state aid, the board of education has decided to propose an operating budget for 2021-2022 that will not increase property taxes and at the same time fund programs that were cut in the contingency budget last year, as well as additional expenditures officials say are needed to improve education districtwide.

Riverhead school district gets 42% boost in state aid, plus almost $19M in one-shot federal coronavirus relief funding

Riverhead schools got a big boost in state aid in the final budget deal reached last night between the governor and state...

New York begins to withhold 20% of local aid payments, state teachers union files lawsuit

The State has begun withholding 20% of most local aid payments, forcing reductions in some payments to school districts, according to the New York State Education Department. In response to the reductions, New York State United Teachers has filed a lawsuit seeking to block the aid reductions.

Lawmakers take aim at foundation aid equity

State Sen. Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele say they've drafted legislation that would require an increase in foundation aid for districts, like Riverhead, funded at less than 55% of the foundation aid formula if they meet growth and need criteria.

Not even close: Governor’s budget would increase foundation aid to Riverhead schools by just $1.1 million

The governor's budget proposal is still more than $23 million shy of what Riverhead is owed if state foundation aid is fully funded — 'nowhere near' the district's fair share, Superintendent Henriquez says.

‘Fair share now!’ — Riverhead rally for state education aid draws big crowd

Residents turned out in force today for a rally at the middle school, carrying colorful signs and chanting "fair share now!" to demand Riverhead get its fair share of state education aid.

Riverhead school district to hold rally to demand increase in state education aid

Riverhead and four other school districts in the state get less than 50% of their allotted 'foundation aid,' while the statewide average is about 80%.

State education aid for the coming fiscal year: How do Riverhead and SWR fare under the governor’s proposal?

State education aid under Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive budget is "inadequate" for Long Island, according to Assemblyman Fred Thiele, who is calling for the elimination of the gap elimination adjustment, a reduction in education aid instituted several years ago to help plug a state budget deficit, which has been wiped out.

Riverhead will see $1.85M hike in education aid under adopted NY budget

The 2015-2016 budget package also includes compromised, but still highly controversial, changes to the way teachers are evaluated , receive tenure and can be fired.