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Tick-borne illness

Experts: ‘Every season is tick season’

As Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses have continued to spread. Learn about them and how to protect yourself at a forum in Peconic on Sept. 5.

Greg Blass When it comes to tick-borne illness, you must be your own advocate

Even today, some doctors know little about it, and have to be coaxed into testing for it.

Greg Blass Politics vs. policy in treating tick-borne illnesses: Which will prevail?

The influence of the health insurance lobby over public health policymakers results in a treatment protocol that puts profits over patients.
2014 0307 deer

From human disease to environmental destruction, the impacts of oversized deer herd on the North Fork are real

One East End allergy specialist says she now has more than 350 cases — with new ones being diagnosed every week— of patients with a serious and potentially deadly meat allergy brought on by the bite of the lone star tick.
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