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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Federal environmental agency issues major changes to health advisories for PFAS chemicals in drinking water

The new lifetime health advisory levels are lower than the maximum levels set by New York State in 2020 and lower than what can currently be detected by testing technologies.

Fearing Grumman water contamination, frustrated Manorville residents without access to public water ask Navy for relief

“Every resident of the Manorville section of Riverhead worries every single time they turn on the tap." Kelly McClinchy of Manorville has organized residents in a campaign to get public water to their remote community.

N.Y. State files suit against EPA over dredge spoil dumping in L.I. Sound

The federal lawsuit filed yesterday seeks to set aside the EPA's decision designating a permanent open water dumping site within 2.3 miles of Fishers Island in the Town of Southold.

Feds move forward with authorizing new L.I. Sound dump site off Southold

The federal EPA published a proposed new rule designating a two-square nautical mile area northwest of Fishers Island as a dredge material dump site which will be used for the next 30 years.