2016_0425_RHS_Honor Society Seniors Courtesy photo

As RHS principal Charles Regan noted, “The awards season at Riverhead High School begins in earnest with the National Foreign Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony to welcome new inductees into the Honor Society. The National Foreign Language Honor Society is more than just an honor roll.”

“Sixty-two students were inducted this year,” states Director of K-12 ENL, Bilingual Programs and World Languages Director Liz Scaduto, who congratulated the students, parents and teachers on their accomplishment and encouraged the language students to continue their studies in world languages.

The World Language Department seeks to promote a supportive environment, which enables their students to attain sufficient learning in a language other English in order to prepare the students for a productive role in the global community. The purpose of the National Foreign Language Honor Society is to recognize those students who have excelled in the study of their chosen world language.

An introduction by Latin and Ancient Greek teacher ‘Doc’ Greenberger outlined the requirements for induction. To be eligible for membership in the society, the following criteria are considered…
The student must:
– be enrolled in at least a third-year language course,
– have at least a 90% cumulative average in her/his world language course,
– have at least a cumulative grade point average of 85%,
– have the approval and recommendation of her/his language teacher based on consistent high academic performance.

The audience enjoyed a prelude from a musical offering by an award winning musician, Yasmine Kocan on cello, as they greeted relatives and friends entering the school before the ceremony began.

After one of the induction ceremonies, exchange student Hien Nguyen, who is from Vietnam, spoke about his own studies of English and extolled the opportunities of choice his American classmates enjoy. He also spoke warmly of his host family, the Goodales.

The induction ceremonies were led by the officers in each of the language societies. It was apparent from their readings and remarks that they loved their studies in languages and felt another language had added another dimension to their lives.

French teacher Mrs. Kristine Cresser introduced the new French inductees. This year’s French officers included: President – Lauren Block, Vice President- Sara Helgans, Officer: Stephanie Ambrosio, Officer: Carley Hayon and Officer: Jaiden Blom.

Greenberger introduced the new Latin inductees. This year’s officers included: Jose ‘Lucius Nox’ Alvizures, Gubernator Peter ‘Argentus’ Cook, Malum Altum Helene ‘Abelinda Lunae’ Drozd, Figura Pulli Jesse ‘Magnae Capillae’ Goodale, Balaena Veli Gwen ‘Aqua Columba’ Hilles, Remus Maximus Emily ‘Hibernia Rosa’ Pearce, Driver of the Puppibus Lauren ‘Victrix Laureata’ Schmitt, Rubra Rotan.

Spanish teacher Mrs. Penelope Boerum introduced the new Spanish inductees. This year’s Spanish officers included: Muhammad Fareed ~ Presidente; Emily Masse ~ Vicepresidente; Joshua Rosenbaum ~ Secretario and Brooke Murphy ~ Tesorera.

One of the most moving parts of the program includes the introduction of graduating seniors formerly inducted into one of the foreign language societies. The person introducing these students shares both the seniors’ names, where they plan to attend college and what their majors will be. These seniors are attending an impressive array of colleges and planning majors from mathematics, theater, engineering, public relations and more in college programs near and far.

Congratulations to these outstanding world language students and their teachers.

 New inductees into the Spanish Honor Society take their oath. Courtesy photo
New inductees into the Spanish Honor Society take their oath.
Courtesy photo
2016_0425_RHS_French Honor Society
RHS French Honor Society Courtesy photo

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