Riley Avenue Elementary School librarian/media specialist Amelia Estevez-Creedon‏ was awarded the Suffolk School Library Media Association 2016 Media Flex-Opals Library Project Grant for $500 at the SSLMA’s awards ceremony and dinner on Wednesday, May 18.

Riley Avenue Librarian / Media Specialist Amelia Estevez-Creedon‏ – Winner of an SSLMA Award and Grant Courtesy photo
Riley Avenue Librarian / Media Specialist Amelia Estevez-Creedon‏ – Winner of an SSLMA Award and Grant
Courtesy photo

A letter to Estevez-Creedon noted, “According to the common beliefs found in AASL’s Standards for the 21-st Century Learner, ‘Reading is a window to the world and inquiry provides a framework for learning.’ In reviewing your grant application, your project considers both of these in the context of the Social Studies Framework by connecting the library to help meet these new mandates with elementary students.”

The school will be using the $500 grant award to support Social Studies initiatives in the library.

Estevez-Creedon initiated a number of programs in the short time she has been in the district. Some of the programs include:

She met with and coordinated a presentation by Riley students in the District’s annual Black History Celebration program at the high school.

She initiated a visit by author/illustrator Wendy Wax, who discussed the writing process with Riley students. Additionally, several Long Island children’s book authors set up display tables, talked with students and parents about their books and read to the students in the library during the Parents as Reading Partners’ weeklong program.

Estevez-Creedon set up an outdoor reading opportunity to allow classes to enjoy ‘series’ books and the spring weather in Riley’s beautiful courtyard.

She has also has started a reading buddy program whereby Riley’s third-grade book club reads to kindergarten classes.

The library sponsored a parent seminar for parents with limited English proficiency. The seminar included tips on studying, helping with homework and the home and school connection.

As a librarian/media specialist, Estevez-Creedon embraces STEM and asks her students to question the viability of futuristic scenarios they read about. In addition, she helps support a coding program for fourth-grade students.

Estevez-Creedon was an active leader in the annual Parents as Reading Partners Week, which embraced a science theme this year. Students participated in hands-on science-related programs in the library. The high school Robotics Club shared their robot with the students during one of PARP’s family nights and the students at Riley worked with the high school students to code the robot’s movements.

The school’s annual Scholastic Book Fair is set up in the library to allow students the opportunity to grow their home libraries and supplement class libraries.


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