The Riverhead Faculty and Community Theater will hold open auditions for its fall musical Catch Me If You Can.

Audition dates: Tuesday, June 21 at the Riverhead Free Library beginning at 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday, June 22 at the Jamesport Meeting House beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Performances will take place at Riverhead High School on November 11,12,13*, 18,19 and 20*.  Please note the November 13 and 20 are Sunday matinee performances.

Prepare: 16-32 bars of a Broadway style song. Please bring sheet music that is legible and marked correctly for the accompanist. You may sing from the show. Please see our Facebook event for more details:

Character Breakdown:

Frank Abagnale, Jr. (power tenor, 20s, but must convincingly be able to play a teenager) The leading man and narrator who gives us access to the nonstop musical version of his story in his mind, Frank has watched and learned how to change his identity at the drop of a hat and blend into any situation. Youthful, handsome, engaging, extremely charismatic, A true triple threat. While he is technically a criminal, his motives for his crimes are not greed or power, but a more innocent need to hide within himself as a means to escape the problems in his young life.
Vocal range: G2-C5
Songs to Know: “Live in Living Color” and “Goodbye”

Carl Hanratty (character tenor, 35-50). The by-the-numbers FBI agent pursuing Frank Jr., Hanratty has very clear cut perceptions of right and wrong. Somewhat like Frank, he totally devotes himself to his vocation to escape the loneliness and depression in his failed personal life. Hanratty is the secondary narrator, at times presenting a more grounded alternative to Frank’s idealistic tale, and likewise, must be a character actor who has an easy presence as the reluctant costar in Frank’s musical tale.
Vocal Range: G2-G4
Song to Know: “Don’t Break the Rules”

Frank Abagnale, Sr. (baritone, 40-60). The tree from which Frank Jr.’s acorn has fallen, Frank Sr. is the father he idolizes and watches and from whom he learns his ability to con. Frank Sr. wants nothing more than to give his son a good life, but in his attempt to do so suffers a series of business and personal failures which turn him into the tragic character who eventually loses everything.
Vocal Range: F2-G#4
Song to Know: “Pinstripes Are All They See”

Paula Abagnale (lyrical alto, dancer, 35-55). Frank Jr.’s beautiful and elegant mother of French birth, she married young, dashing Frank Sr. during his tour of duty in France. A caring and loving mother to Frank Jr., however, unhappy in her marriage. There is an underlying current of disappointment for a life of her wasted potential. Paula requires mastery of a French accent, a lyrical singing voice, and has a ballroom dance solo.
Vocal Range: A3-C5
Song to Know: “Don’t Be a Stranger”

Brenda Strong (power alto/soprano 18-30) Brenda is a young nurse who falls in love with Frank Jr. The daughter of a powerful New Orleans attorney, Brenda is also on the run from her former life to escape marriage to a society boy whom she left at the altar. Sweet, pretty, innocent, and the only person to see a glimpse of the real boy inside the layers of Frank Jr. Sings the power ballad of the show
Vocal Range: G3-A5
Song to Know: “Fly, Fly Away”

Roger Strong (character baritone, 45-65). Brenda’s father, a powerful New Orleans attorney. He is an intimidating, Big Daddy type presence.
Song to Know: “Family Tree” 2nd verse
Carol Strong (character alto, 45-65). Brenda’s mother, Carol is a faded belle turned society matron, a comical stereotype of the loud, boisterous, brassy Southern matriarch.
Song to know: “Family Tree”, first verse & second verse
Agent Branton, Agent Dollar, and Agent Cod (Featured roles, sing and dance in “Don’t Break the Rules,” as well as some ensemble work, 25-65) Hanratty’s team of FBI agents on the trail of Frank, they are all business but a relaxed contrast in various degrees to Hanratty’s all work/no play demeanor.

Judge / Tailor / Dr. Wannamaker / Mitch Miller (Featured, non-singing track of roles, 40-70). A track of varying character roles for an older actor. Requires a strong comic character actor capable of character versatility and a variety of accents, looks, demeanors, and a great Mitch Miller impression.

Nurses trio: Planning on turning ‘Doctor’s Orders’ into a trio of three strong female singers. Belters needed. A flashy, showy piece. All ensemble women will provide background vocals.

Ensemble Men & Women Singer/Dancers who also double as the FBI Agents, Pilots, Doctors, Nurses, Stewardesses, Bank tellers, School personnel and various other roles in the tale in Frank’s mind. This show is a wonderful opportunity for all ensemble members to have a moment to shine.

Click here to email the director Jessica Raven with any questions.

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