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Town releases documents from EPCAL buyer in advance of Monday Q&E hearing

The Route 25 entrance to the Calverton Enterprise Park. File photo: Peter Blasl

Riverhead Town has released documents submitted by Calverton Aviation and Technology, the prospective purchaser in a $40 million deal to buy 1,644 acres of vacant land at EPCAL, in response to questions from the public and town officials.

The documents were received by the town Friday and posted online today.

Among them is a 13-page document an attorney for CAT said were the company’s answers to questions posed by members of the public during the opening session of the “qualified and eligible sponsor” hearing held Feb. 27. (See below.)  The stenographer’s minutes of the public’s questions are posted here.

Other documents include a vision statement for the site, the CVs of key members of CAT’s team, letters of interest from potential tenants for the site, and documents pertaining to the financial resources and experience of Triple Five companies, a wholly owned subsidiary of which owns a 75 percent stake in CAT.

Also included is a notarized letter from Luminati and its CEO Daniel Preston stating that Luminati and Preston will have no management role in CAT.

The town board asked the applicant to submit their responses by Friday, March 9. CAT representative Stuart Bienenstock said Friday there was insufficient time to respond and CAT asked for an extension. He said they planned to have everything submitted later that day.

The next session of the qualified and eligible sponsor hearing is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Monday, March 19) at 6 p.m. at the Pulaski Street School. It was originally set for March 13, but postponed due to inclement weather.

Triple Five Responses to Public Questions by East End Local Media Corp.

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