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Thank you for publishing Dr. Posnett’s opinion piece about anti-vaccines. It is very scary to me how many people are against medical science these days, but sadly unsurprising in the age of Trump and “fake news.” How many more diseases that went away for DECADES, like measles, are going to have to come back before people wake up and realize vaccines are not a government conspiracy?

I have three kids, ages 7, 4, and 3. We have been in the ER for two of them and the oldest was admitted for MRSA when she was just 3 years old for five days. There’s nothing inherently wrong with questioning a doctor and using common sense if you think what a doctor is advising is wrong. We’ve done that before too. Doctors aren’t perfect. But to make a blanket statement that all vaccines are evil or part of a government conspiracy or that they cause autism, etc. is so dangerous.

I have no problem with public schools not letting kids in who are not vaccinated. If a parent refuses to vaccinate a child, they have the right to do so, but keep them home, don’t subject my children to those diseases.

David Burros Riverhead

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