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In support of vaccines

Thank you for publishing Dr. Posnett’s opinion piece about anti-vaccines. It is very scary to me how many people are against medical...

Anti-vaxxers embody the dangers of the growing anti-science movements

The progress of the last century or more is ours to lose.

With flu on the rise, officials urge people to get vaccinated

Health officials reported a 60% spike in flu cases last week statewide, nearly 5,000 confirmed cases this season so far.They urge everyone to get vaccinated, especially the elderly, young children and people with pre-existing conditions or compromised immune systems.

Riverhead school district may oppose mandatory HPV vaccines

The school superintendent has drafted a letter in opposition to bills pending in Albany that would make the HPV vaccine mandatory.

Time runs out for unvaccinated students — they will be ‘respectfully’ sent home

According to district officials, as many as 328 students across all Riverhead schools will be affected— including 39 students with religious exemption requests, as well as those who, for other unspecified reasons, have not yet complied with the new rules.

Parents ask school district to help them in the fight against state-imposed vaccine mandate

A large group of parents went to the school board meeting this week to ask for the district's help in their battle against mandatory vaccination requirements that will prevent their unvaccinated children from attending school as of Sept. 17.

As measles outbreak grows, physicians urge parents to vaccinate their children — and close their doors to those who refuse

Some pediatricians no longer welcome unvaccinated children, citing risks to other patients and their families.

‘Anti-vaxxers’ bring resurgence of preventable — and dangerous — diseases

A movement based on discredited science has put a generation of children at risk. Measles is a serious virus that can kill your child and you can prevent it with a simple, safe vaccination. Column by Greg Blass

Following multi-state measles outbreak, officials urge Riverhead residents to get their vaccinations

Local officials are urging residents to make sure they are up to date on their immunizations in the wake of the multi-state measles outbreak.
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