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To the Editor:

You may have noticed from the mailing sent out to residents or from the lawn signs popping up all over town that the Riverhead Central School District budget vote is finally here.

Andst year. With the exception of last year’s mail-in ballots, which tripled normal returns, Riverhead’s budget vote historically results in a mediocre turn out at best.

If you’re among those who have sat out the school budget vote for one reason or another, I urge you to cast a vote in all of our local elections, starting with the school vote.

The beauty of living in a democratic republic like ours is that, while particular decisions are made by elected representatives, the people choose those representatives. It can be as high up as the President, or as local as the library or school board. This is your community and you have the right to choose the direction of the community.

So, why not start with the school budget vote and board election? The district is a major employer in town (with teachers and aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, security, office staff and administrators) affecting the economy of our community. And most of us recognize that a good education is an investment in everyone’s future. Today they’re students, but tomorrow they’ll be running the world, so we want to make sure they have the tools to succeed.

I am one of thousands of Riverhead High School graduates, thousands over decades who have made their parents, their families and our town proud as we took our diplomas and stepped forward into our own lives. We were better equipped for the future because our Riverhead schools and community had been behind us every step of the way. And that only happens when residents vote. I hope you will.

Colin Palmer (he/him/his)

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