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Riverhead Central School District

School district to town: No new development without money for classrooms

Riverhead School District officials are asking the Town of Riverhead to require developers of new housing to provide “feasible solutions” to the financial burden of expanding instructional space in the district — and they’re asking the town not to approve “any future development” without securing those solutions.

Pandemic & contingency budget present unique challenges for Riverhead school district as it develops spending plan for 2021-2022

The pandemic, uncertain state aid prospects, the property tax cap and the underlying contingency budget combine to make for a huge challenge when devising a workable budget for 2021-2022r that district taxpayers will support.

Closings, cancellations and delays Tuesday

Riverhead Central School District will be closed Tuesday. It will be a regular snow day. In other words, there will be no remote instruction.

COVID positivity rate in Riverhead averaged 5.6% over past five days, Bellone says

County Executive Steve Bellone said testing programs in the Riverhead and Hampton Bays school districts are part of the county's efforts to get community spread of the coronavirus under control.

Riverhead schools to launch voluntary, in-school COVID testing program

The Riverhead school district is working with Suffolk County to begin a voluntary, in-school COVID-19 testing program to test approximately 20% of the school population — staff, students, and faculty — over a two-week period, beginning Friday.

Suffolk County changes COVID quarantine and investigative protocols for schools

The county health commissioner said the health department will redirect its resources to focus on investigating community spread of COVID-19, since it has become "increasingly clear" the disease is spreading through gatherings outside of school, rather than in schools.

New COVID case closes Phillips Avenue school until Nov. 30

Another Riverhead elementary school will be closed until Nov. 30, following a new diagnosis of COVID-19 in a teacher, one day after the school district announced a student at the school had tested positive.

‘Open’ is not optional — it’s the law

The situation our district finds itself in right now — failed budgets, failed bond votes, upset and angry parents, dejected children — isn’t somebody else’s fault. It’s a direct result of the persistent lack of candor on display at every carefully scripted board meeting — of the board and a series of superintendents being consistently unwilling to give people straight answers to straight questions about subjects that are, in fact, the people’s business.

Riverhead school district announces another new COVID case

A non-instructional employee at Pulaski Street School has tested positive for the disease, Interim Superintendent Christine Tona announced in a letter to the community last night.

Riverhead school district reports three new COVID cases, close Roanoke Avenue school until Nov. 30

Two non-instructional staff members — one at Riverhead High School and another at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School — have tested positive, as has a teacher at the high school, Interim Superintendent Christine Tona said in a letter to district families today.
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