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Riverhead Central School District

Riverhead school district to hire ‘acting’ assistant supt. for finance & operations, as current official remains ‘reassigned’

The Riverhead Central School District will hire a business official to act as assistant superintendent for finance and operations, after longtime district administrator Sam Schneider was demoted and administratively reassigned pending an investigation into unspecified allegations from an employee.

New class brings conversations around Black history and culture into Riverhead

Aptly named “The Black Experience,” the class is taught by Jamaal Boyce, a Black man and a social studies teacher in the district for 19 years. “What I intend to do is to get them to think,” the teacher said.

Former deputy superintendent ‘administratively reassigned’ pending an investigation, school board president confirms

The former deputy superintendent of Riverhead schools has been administratively reassigned while the district's special legal counsel conducts an investigation into an an allegation about him, the school board president confirmed in a letter today.

‘Teachers by Day, Nerds by Night’ — meet ‘The Fandalorians,’ a pop-culture podcast from a trio of teachers

A trio of teachers, self-described pop culture nerds, talk about television and movies, and debate their “hot takes” with one another in a weekly podcast the three friends produce in their free time: "The Fandalorians: Teachers by Day, Nerds by Night."

Riverhead school officials’ behavior is appalling

Evasion, double-talk, stonewalling and spin. That's all we got this week in response to direct questions which the public has the right to get answered.

Large crowd turns out to support the biggest expansion in charter school history

A proposal for the Riverhead Charter School to undergo the largest expansion in its history garnered both large praise and sharp opposition during a public hearing at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday. “We are looking to build our pipeline of students organically from the ground up, so we would like for children who start in kindergarten with us to finish in 12th grade with us,” said Charter School Superintendent Ray Ankrum.

Much left unsaid about school district’s actions concerning top business official

A lot of unanswered questions remain about the change in title and responsibilities of former Deputy Superintendent Sam Schneider, as district officials side-stepped inquiries about Schneider's appointment with tenure Tuesday night to the assistant superintendent position and other changes involving the business function in the district.

School board to vote Tuesday on whether to abolish position of deputy superintendent

The deputy superintendent position at the Riverhead Central School District is set to be abolished if the board of education approves a resolution on its agenda tomorrow night.

School district task force discusses next steps for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

The Riverhead Central School District is moving forward with the creation of an equity plan to drive the Board of Education’s future initiatives on diversity, equity and inclusion.

School bus rear-ended on Flanders Road, no serious injuries on bus

Updated: A Riverhead school district bus with children aboard was rear-ended on Flanders Road in Riverside this afternoon. The driver of the truck was airlifted to Stony Brook with serious injuries. The school bus driver an six children were taken to area hospitals with minot injuries, police said.