Triple Five chairman Nader Ghermezian with members of his family and employees at the Feb. 27, 2018 opening session of the town's Qualified and Eligible Sponsor hearing. Justin Ghermezian is seated at his right. File photo: Denise Civiletti

To the Editor:

Guess what? Tuesday is a crucial day in deciding the fate of EPCAL.

Oh, no, not another one. How many have we had already?

Just like the pandemic, people are over it. The debate over the plans for this priceless acreage in the heart of Long Island has infuriated most town residents and bored the rest.

Ever since the crash-landing of Sean Walter’s Bezos-like trip into aerospace with Luminati, his successors on the town board have found themselves in bed with the Ghermezians but not getting much sleep. These developers bear close watching. Their finances are secretive and muddled, but from countless reports we know they are in serious financial trouble. Recently, in a U.S. District Court case, they have been accused of selling counterfeit hand sanitizer during the pandemic. Should they be trusted?

Now, we have a new plan, a switcheroo of sorts that for the first time involves the town’s Industrial Development Agency. Despite what I presume were his best efforts during the work session Thursday, attorney Frank Isler’s baffling explanation of who winds up with what when the music stops, would confuse even a crypto-currency trader.

We have been around the traffic circle on this so many times, let’s tap the brakes once more. I believe the members of the town board and madam supervisor should not be ashamed at all to admit they don’t really know what they are about to resolve themselves and the town to do. We the members of the public certainly have no understanding of this latest development. 

So I say to the board:

“A little more time invested would be invaluable. The decision, vital to the future of Riverhead and your legacies, is worth one closer look. Please table the resolution you plan to vote on Tuesday and schedule a public hearing where this new plan can be fully explained to the public with our questions both asked and answered. Thank you.”

Kathleen McGraw


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