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Enterprise Park at Calverton

Better late than never? Riverhead makes delayed referral to county planners of its own subdivision map — which the town already...

The timing is unusual, in that the referral to the planning commission would typically have been made prior to the town planning board granting preliminary approval for the subdivision of land at the Calverton Enterprise Park.

Town board, CDA meetings Tuesday will be held behind closed doors due to coronavirus pandemic

Riverhead Town has scheduled a regular town board meeting and a CDA meeting Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. There will be no in-person pubic access to the meeting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why the Triple Five plan is the right plan for Riverhead’s future

Guest column: The plan proposed by Triple Five for the Calverton Enterprise Park promises the kind of jobs our region needs to sustain its economy into the 21st century.

Luminati ‘dream team’ makes pitch for runway at former Grumman site

Aeronautical engineer Daniel Preston has plans to return the Long Island aerospace industry to its former place of glory from the Calverton site that was once its epicenter.

Planning board gives ‘non-binding’ OK to EPCAL subdivision conceptual plan

Despite members still having lots of questions about the unusual plan, novel zoning concept and out-of-the-ordinary process, the Riverhead Planning Board last night gave its "non-binding" blessing to a concept plan for the subdivision of 2,234 town-owned acres in the Enterprise Park at Calverton
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