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Clean water is not a partisan issue, but Republican legislators made it political by tabling a measure to put water quality...

by Jun 30, 2023
Clean water should not be a partisan issue, and leaders should not pit communities against one another. Instead of putting politics over people, let the public decide for themselves. 

Kent: Why I’m running for town supervisor

by Jul 30, 2021
My goal is and has been giving citizens the respect they deserve. Residents must be allowed to take part in decisions that affect them. Their opinions must be heard, valued and used in decision-making.

Kent: Town Hall should be open and residents welcomed and listened to

by Mar 24, 2021
Town Hall belongs to the community, and everyone deserves a say in what happens in and to our town. Guest column by Councilwoman Catherine Kent

Let your voice be heard about the future of downtown Riverhead

by Feb 11, 2020
Councilwoman Catherine Kent urges all residents to attend the second downtown forum Thursday evening and complete the online survey about the future of downtown.