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48 Kroemer Avenue LLC

Developer of proposed propane facility on Kroemer Ave withdraws IDA application after failure to capture enhanced benefits

by Sep 27, 2022
The developer of a proposed wholesale propane facility and industrial office building on Kroemer Avenue has withdrawn its Riverhead Industrial Development Agency application for financial assistance and will likely downsize its project, after the IDA previously declined to grant the developer’s requested 10-year, 100% enhanced real property tax abatement.

Riverhead IDA postpones action on Kroemer Avenue propane facility, readies for review of expected Triple Five affiliate’s application

by Aug 2, 2022
The Riverhead IDA postponed action on a Kroemer Avenue propane facility after Fisher Organization manager Ray Dickhoff asked the IDA to reconsider its decision to grant a 50% property tax abatement rather than the 100% abatement the applicant sought.

Riverhead IDA considers enhanced benefits for Kroemer Avenue propane plant and industrial building

by Jul 14, 2022
The developer of a wholesale propane distribution facility and an industrial building on the south end of Kroemer Avenue is seeking 100% property tax abatements for 10 years.

Propane facility on Kroemer Avenue gains planning board approval after site plan revision

by Oct 27, 2021
A proposal to develop a liquid propane storage and distribution facility on Kroemer Avenue in Riverhead gained preliminary site plan approval last week from the Riverhead Planning Board, which initially rejected the application, spurring a lawsuit by the applicant.

Developer of proposed Kroemer Avenue propane facility files suit against the town

by Jul 21, 2021
The suit, filed in State Supreme Court last week, seeks a ruling that the site plan application of 48 Kroemer LLC is still pending and asks the court to approve the site plan rejected by a planning board majority in June.

Propane company asks fire commissioners to reconsider objection to Kroemer Avenue plan

by Jun 16, 2021
Fire district commissioners listened silently to a pitch for reconsideration made by architect Martin Sendlewski and propane company owner Frank Fisher. The district's legal counsel Jonathan Brown said the commissioners would review the applicant's revised plans.

Planning board nixes propane facility plan

by Jun 4, 2021
The site of the proposed propane storage facility on Kroemer Avenue, adjacent to an existing propane storage facility on W. Main. Street.Together they could store nearly a half million gallons of LP gas. The proximity of the two facilities was one factor in the Riverhead Fire District's opposition to the plan — and the planning board's denial.

Riverhead fire commissioners sound alarm about proposed 270,000-gallon propane facility

by Nov 2, 2020
Riverhead Fire Commissioners have sounded an alarm about a proposed 270,000-gallon propane storage and distribution facility on Kroemer Avenue.