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Holocaust survivor shares her story and a message of hope with Riverhead students

by Jan 14, 2024
Holocaust survivor Marion Blumenthal-Lazan spoke to Riverhead Middle School students about life as a Jew in 1930s Nazi Germany, her time in a Nazi death camp, and life after being freed as World War II ended. “I hope that you prevent our past from becoming your future,” she said.

Recent appearances of swastikas evoke painful memory for Riverhead man

by Dec 3, 2023
Recent news of swastikas being found in Riverhead school buildings brought back painful memories for a man whose family home in Riverhead was defiled with the antisemitic symbol in 1969, an event that still haunts him 54 years later.

Aquebogue man and accomplice charged with threatening NYC synagogue after arrest in possession of weapons and swastika armband

by Nov 21, 2022
Christopher Brown, 21, of Aquebogue, made online statements threatening to "shoot up a synagogue," according to NYC police. Brown was in possession of a large hunting knife, a ski mask and a swastika armband when he and an accomplice were arrested in Penn Station late Friday night, police said.
2013 0221 lazan jail

Lessons of the Holocaust brought to inmates at the Suffolk County jail: Never, ever give up hope

by Feb 21, 2013
Possessed by a desire to make sure the world understands, never forgets and never repeats the horrors of the Holocaust, Marion Blumenthal Lazan, a 79-year-old German-born Jew who spent most of her childhood in refugee camps and the notorious Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, has traveled all over the world to share her story.