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Bail reform.

Lee Zeldin is wrong on bail reform

Zeldin should restrain his rhetoric, stop the race-based fear-mongering his position engenders, cease citing erroneous, anecdotal evidence as proof of anything and realize that he represents ALL of New York’s First Congressional Distric
2014 0610 jail cell

Commonsense fixes to bail reform can protect our community

Ensuring a fair justice system does not have to come at the expense of our wellbeing. There are common sense solutions we can all agree on.

New York’s cashless bail handcuffs justice

Law enforcement officers are doing their sworn duty to protect us, but New York’s cashless bail law undermines their morale, efforts, and, most importantly, authority.

Suffolk sheriff calls for bail reform changes

It is unconscionable and reckless that there is no bail allowed for charges related to drunken-driving fatalities or unintentional homicides, and a lengthy list of other violent, though not “technically violent,” crimes. The fact that a defendant can be repeatedly absent from court and face no consequences is equally disturbing.

Suffolk sheriff joins push to amend ‘bail reform’

Inmate population at county jail drops after new 'bail reform' rules are implemented — and continue to draw fire.

Republican lawmakers sound an alarm on elimination of cash bail for most crimes in N.Y.

Criminal justice reforms that take effect tomorrow put public safety at risk, according to Republican members of the state legislature, who called a press conference this morning outside the criminal court building and correctional facility in Riverside to sound an alarm.

Giglio: Bail reform law puts public safety at risk

The county jail in Riverside will be releasing approximately 400 prisoners. The release of those being held will affect our downtown and communities. Transportation or funds will not be given to those released. Where do you think they will go?

With arrest warrants already piling up in Riverhead, how will justice court and town police deal with new no-bail system?

In Riverhead Justice Court, outstanding arrest warrants are already piling up. What's going to happen after the 'bail reform' law kicks in next year and most people charged with crimes will no longer be arrested and brought before a judge?

New state law eliminating cash bail for misdemeanors, nonviolent felonies will have public safety and budget impacts, officials say

Riverhead Town Justice Allen Smith says the new law will inevitably increase the number of no-shows in court — and the already-high number of outstanding arrest warrants.
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