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Laura Jens-Smith


While politicians fight with each other in Riverhead, who’s looking out for residents?

Nothing in this public battle gives even a nod to the town or residents. The flying insults and accusations have nothing to do with working for Riverhead, but only with jockeying for power, position and control.

We need closer scrutiny, not fast-tracking, of new apartment building plans

Riverhead Town needs to more closely review applications for multistory apartment buildings instead of fast-tracking their approvals. Guess column by former supervisor Laura Jens-Smith.

As Long Island reopens, why not ease customer concerns with ‘COVID-compliant’ certification?

Why don’t we, through our county health department, create a “COVID-Compliant” status for bars, restaurants, shops and retailers?
2014 0610 jail cell

Commonsense fixes to bail reform can protect our community

Ensuring a fair justice system does not have to come at the expense of our wellbeing. There are common sense solutions we can all agree on.

Here’s what I’ve done about housing issues. My opposition? Cue the crickets

Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith outlines actions she's taken to address overcrowded housing.

Why Riverhead must update its master plan — now

Will Riverhead be a town dominated by more big box stores, when we know retail is retreating? Will our hamlets become a litany of faceless strip malls, when we know there are already too many vacant storefronts? Will we value open space, or cut down every last tree in the name of “progress”? Guest column by Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith

Riverhead needs a movie theater and Riverhead will continue to push for one

Supervisor: Theater company representatives have said Riverhead's demographics don't yet support development of a movie theater in Riverhead. But we are not giving up.

Supervisor: This is a ‘pivotal’ time for Riverhead

"Progress can sometimes be a bitter pill if not metered with a larger vision." Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith argues for master plan update.

Supervisor: Main Street zoning needs changes and we want your input

It is time we implement zoning that allows for smart development. We need development that encourages mixed-use buildings and supports both commercial and residential development and enhances the feel of our downtown. Column by Laura Jens-Smith

Supervisor candidate calls for dissolution of Riverhead IDA

Eventually you have to ask yourself who is going to pay the taxes in this town? And that finger seems to point directly to the already-overburdened homeowners and small businesses of Riverhead.