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Lee Zeldin

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Lee Zeldin represents the First Congressional District of New York, serving on both the House Financial Services and Foreign Affairs Committees.

‘Cuomo’s hypocrisy knows no bounds’

by Mar 15, 2021
Andrew Cuomo the attorney general would have used the full power of his voice and office to end Andrew Cuomo the governor.

Zeldin: New COVID relief bill secures key local wins for NY-1

by Dec 21, 2020
Rep. Lee Zeldin highlights local projects and issues addressed in COVID relief package.

Zeldin: There must be answers and accountability for New York’s nursing home deaths

by Jul 1, 2020
New York's policy guidance actively put long-term care residents at risk, Rep. Lee Zeldin argues. He calls for answers on the state's high death toll among long-term care residents.

New York’s cashless bail handcuffs justice

by Feb 4, 2020
Law enforcement officers are doing their sworn duty to protect us, but New York’s cashless bail law undermines their morale, efforts, and, most importantly, authority.

Protecting our communities’ maritime infrastructure

by Dec 2, 2019
Rep. Lee Zeldin discusses efforts to protect the coastline and coastal infrastructure in the wake of severe storms.

Zeldin: We need bipartisan cooperation in Washington

by Sep 12, 2019
Constituents are concerned that in the midst of political fighting, the issues most important to them are drowned out.

Zeldin: N.Y. Justice Center not doing justice for people with special needs

by Aug 1, 2019
While many workers do an outstanding job caring for individuals with disabilities in our communities, I have also heard many deeply disturbing...

Zeldin: New laws will help veterans become homeowners in expensive Long Island market

by Jul 17, 2019
Legislation will make mortgage financing easier and less expensive for veterans

Zeldin to FAA: ‘Listen up – It’s the law’

by Nov 23, 2018
Rep. Lee Zeldin renews demand for FAA to comply with his legislation requiring a public hearing on the North Shore Helicopter Route and urges residents to submit their comments to the FAA online.

Zeldin: Long Islanders see opportunity in surging economy

by Aug 25, 2018
"Our economy is strong and growing stronger with an economic environment spurring considerable job growth and desperately needed opportunities for American workers."