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Battery energy storage systems

This ‘stealthy and secretive’ move gave residents one more reason to lose trust in local government

The Town Board's last-minute attempt to slip the adoption of a controversial local law onto its meeting agenda Tuesday gave residents one more reason to lose trust in local government.

Update: Battery energy storage code pulled from today’s Town Board agenda

A resolution to adopt a local law establishing battery energy storage systems as an allowed use in the Town of Riverhead, and regulating their placement and operation, has been pulled from today's Town Board meeting agenda.

Planning be damned: Riverhead is developers’ promised land

Opinion: Developers are ready to build and our Town Board is in lockstep with them — not the people of Riverhead.

Moving forward with battery storage code, Riverhead hires consultant to complete environmental assessment form for $10,000

Riverhead Town is entering a new contract with BFJ Planning to do the initial environmental assessment on the town’s proposed local law that would regulate battery energy storage systems.

Southold versus Riverhead: a tale of two towns

The contrast between how government works in Southold and Riverhead is extreme. So is the end result, as anyone who takes a drive through the two towns can easily see. Riverhead deserves better.

A moratorium on battery energy storage systems? Southold supervisor thinks it’s a smart idea.

Battery energy storage technology is still in its infancy, Southold Supervisor Scott Russell said yesterday. The town must undertake a thorough review, following the guidance of the N.Y. State Energy Research & Development Authority, before allowing the systems to be developed.

Riverhead considers adding battery energy storage systems to town code, as residents question safety, urge in-depth study

Angry residents objected to allowing large battery energy storage systems in Riverhead Town during a public hearing last week, arguing that the safety of the systems and potential locations of the new use should be more carefully studied in the town’s comprehensive planning process.

Second utility-scale battery energy storage system facility under review by Riverhead Town

A second utility grid-scale battery energy storage facility is in the review pipeline at Riverhead Town Hall, with more sure to follow, according to town officials. This proposal is for an Edwards Avenue site, adjacent to the LIPA substation that has attracted over 600 acres of utility-scale solar power facilities in the vicinity.

Battery energy storage system plan is presented to Planning Board, a move blasted by both Aguiar and Blass

Supervisor Yvette Aguiar and former Councilwoman Barbara Blass both had harsh words for the planning department's handling of the application for a proposed 100-megawatt battery energy storage system for a site on Mill Road.