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Battery energy storage systems

State fire safety working group for battery energy storage systems issues draft recommendations

by Feb 6, 2024
The Inter-Agency Fire Safety Working Group Gov. Kathy Hochul established last summer after fires at battery energy storage facilities in New York has issued 15 draft recommendations. A public comment period is open through March 5.

Battery energy storage moratorium is no longer necessary, Hubbard says

by Jan 5, 2024
The proposed three-month moratorium on commercial battery energy storage system facilities in Riverhead is no longer necessary, Supervisor Tim Hubbard said yesterday, with the state about to issue new safety regulations that will apply to any BESS facilities built in Riverhead.

Suffolk County Planning Commission rejects Riverhead’s 6-month industrial moratorium, OKs a 3-month pause, over town’s objections

by Nov 2, 2023
Riverhead's proposed 6-month moratorium on industrial development hit a snag yesterday when the Suffolk County Planning Commission rejected it, authorizing a 3-month moratorium instead. Overriding the commission requires four votes — unlikely for an already-divided Town Board.

Riverhead residents turn out in force to support industrial and battery storage moratoriums at Town Board hearings this week

by Oct 19, 2023
Members of the Riverhead Town Board got an earful from frustrated residents advocating for moratoriums on industrial development and battery energy storage systems at Tuesday night's meeting.

Town Board meeting wrap-up: approvals for downtown apartment building, Dimon Estate expansion and 2.5M gallon water storage tank

by Oct 5, 2023
In a lengthy and sometimes contentious meeting Tuesday afternoon, the Riverhead Town Board took actions on a number of items that have been before town officials for months, sometimes longer, drawing fire from critics.

Riverhead should halt review of battery energy storage applications until state concludes probe of recent fires

by Aug 7, 2023
Editorial: Riverhead should take the governor’s decision to open an inter-agency investigation of battery energy storage fires this summer as a warning. The town ought to take swift action to put the battery energy storage code it adopted in April on hold.

After three fires this summer at commercial battery storage facilities in N.Y., Hochul creates working group for safety investigation

by Aug 4, 2023
Following the third fire at a battery energy storage facility in as many months in New York this summer, Gov. Kathy Hochul last week announced the creation of a state inter-agency working group tasked with ensuring the safety of battery energy storage systems across New York.

Riverhead Town Board unanimously approves law to allow battery energy storage facilities

by Apr 6, 2023
The Riverhead Town Board voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a battery energy storage code that will allow both residential and utility-scale battery energy storage systems in Riverhead. 

What’s the rush? Town Board should table the battery energy storage code adoption

by Apr 4, 2023
Guest column: Once again the Town Board is charging ahead with major zoning changes before adequate vetting and without input from the people of Riverhead. What on earth is the rush?

Adoption of Battery Energy Storage code is on Riverhead Town Board’s agenda Tuesday

by Apr 3, 2023
The Riverhead Town Board will take up resolutions tomorrow to issue a determination of non significance and adopt a code to allow battery energy storage systems in five zoning districts in the town.