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Criminal justice reform

2014 0610 jail cell

Commonsense fixes to bail reform can protect our community

Ensuring a fair justice system does not have to come at the expense of our wellbeing. There are common sense solutions we can all agree on.

Suffolk sheriff joins push to amend ‘bail reform’

Inmate population at county jail drops after new 'bail reform' rules are implemented — and continue to draw fire.

Some state lawmakers look to roll back sweeping bail reform law set to take effect on Jan. 1

Republican lawmakers, who opposed the measure when it was enacted in April, have introduced legislation to repeal it. Some Democrats have introduced a bill to give judges greater discretion to set bail for more defendants.

With arrest warrants already piling up in Riverhead, how will justice court and town police deal with new no-bail system?

In Riverhead Justice Court, outstanding arrest warrants are already piling up. What's going to happen after the 'bail reform' law kicks in next year and most people charged with crimes will no longer be arrested and brought before a judge?
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