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With Long Island on drought watch, Riverhead Water District is pumping under capacity thanks to conservation efforts, superintendent says

by Aug 9, 2022
Long Island is on a drought watch due to dry weather conditions over the last few weeks, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. But the Riverhead Water District has yet to push the capacity of its system this summer.

Despite recent wet weather, lawn irrigation still threatens water supply

by Jul 13, 2021
Officials say it's imperative for residents and businesses practice water conservation measures when it comes to irrigating their lawns and landscapes.

More irrigation restrictions announced for Riverhead Water District customers

by Jul 27, 2016
The Riverhead Water District, which last week imposed odd/even-day watering restrictions on businesses and residents is now asking customers to refrain from watering lawns and

Riverhead issues water conservation plea, shuts down largest irrigation users

by Jul 23, 2016
“We’re in dire straits,” Supervisor Sean Walter said in a phone interview this afternoon. “Everything in the water district is running flat-out right now" and the district still can't fill up its storage tanks.