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Eileen Benthal

In the center of the most stressful life storm … remember to breathe

by Feb 11, 2018
Caring for the spirit is the real foundation of self-care: prayers of gratitude and surrender and remembering to breathe out the stress and breathe in the love of God.

For the holidays, ‘home’ is where you make it so

by Dec 24, 2017
Whether in a hospital room, in borrowed lodging or at a friend's gravesite, being home for the holidays is being present to those we love. Column by Eileen Benthal.

The enlightenment of letting go

by Nov 12, 2017
Letting go of what I thought life should be means gratefully embracing what life really is.

What to do when prayers go unanswered: Keep praying

by Oct 22, 2017
God will always give us what we are really asking for — the wisdom to know that life is deeper than our answered prayers, that every life and trial holds a purpose and we are never alone in our struggles.

In a storm-tossed life, we do better when we don’t look down at the waves

by Oct 1, 2017
Most of us waver between courage and fear, tossed about by waves of anxiety and difficulties of life that threaten my faith. Like Peter, we do better when we don’t look down at the waves and keep our eyes on Jesus.
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Life on Purpose In these stormy times, rely on love

by Sep 17, 2017
Love. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket. It’s large enough to span the generations. It’s light enough to cause laughter and deep enough to penetrate the hardest of hearts.

Life on Purpose Signs from heaven above are all around us — we just need to believe and see

by Aug 27, 2017
I am looking up for feathers floating from the sky, for mourning doves and butterflies, and I’m listening for still, small voices whispering I love you’s in the summer breeze and singing songs from heaven.

Life on Purpose: Questioning God is not sinful — it helps us clarify His will

by Jun 4, 2017
It’s not a sin to question God — search the scriptures if you doubt...God wants us to question His plan and His ways.
Illustration by Hannah Conti

Life on Purpose: Let God hold your heart in His hands and it will not be troubled

by May 21, 2017
“Do not let your hearts be troubled” specifically implies that we can choose the impact difficulties have on our hearts. Laugh, cry, sing, dance and breathe, believing God that there is no trouble in this world that will not be overcome.

Life on Purpose Recuperation teaches us the lessons of humility and patience

by May 7, 2017
Walking a mile in the shoes of a handicapped person teaches us the lessons in humility, patience and literally being grounded.