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Election 2022

It’s past time for a change in Democratic Party leadership in New York and Long Island

by Nov 18, 2022
Opinion: Under the leadership of Jay Jacobs and Rich Schaffer, Long Island has bled seats for several election cycles, at the local, state, and federal level. Guest column by Shoshana Hershkowitz

Zeldin concedes to Hochul, with a warning: Albany should take note of voter dissatisfaction

by Nov 9, 2022
“New Yorkers of all walks of life are sick of the attacks on their wallets, their safety, their freedoms and the quality of their kids’ education and are hitting their breaking point, as proven by these results,” Rep. Lee Zeldin said in a statement conceding the governor's election to Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Republicans hold NY-01: LaLota defeats Fleming

by Nov 9, 2022
Amityville Republican Nick LaLota kept NY-01 in the Republican column with his victory over County Legislator Bridget Fleming (D-Sag Harbor). Gov. K

‘Former proud Republican’ denounces Trump, Zeldin

by Nov 1, 2022
I'm a former proud registered Republican. I left the party the moment Donald Trump was nominated. I never could have predicted he'd...

Election preview 2022: candidates and propositions on this year’s ballot

by Oct 31, 2022
Here's a rundown of candidates and propositions on the ballot in this year's general election: governor, First Congressional District, local State Senate and State Assembly races, with sample ballots.

Early voting starts Saturday in Suffolk County

by Oct 27, 2022
Early voting in the Nov. 8 general election will get underway in Suffolk County on Saturday and continue daily through Sunday Nov. 6. Here are the locations, dates and times.

Reject Lee Zeldin’s extremist politics

by Oct 24, 2022
To the Editor: New Yorkers have important decisions to make in the upcoming election on Nov. 8. Reproductive rights,...

On Election Day, vote for a woman’s right to choose: Vote for Democrats

by Oct 24, 2022
To the Editor: On June 24, 2022, Representative Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for governor, said the decision to...

Candidate debates in state races to take place Oct. 17, hosted by League of Women Voters

by Oct 13, 2022
The League of Women Voters of the Hamptons, Shelter Island and North Fork will hold candidate debates in the First Assembly District and First Senate District races on Monday evening, Oct. 17 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

LaLota wins NY-01 Republican primary

by Aug 24, 2022
Nick LaLota, the Republican Party designee in the First Congressional District, cruised past two challengers in the GOP primary election Tuesday, winning 47% of the votes cast in a three-way race.