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Fred Thiele

In Albany last week: Votes cast by local state lawmakers on abortion, birth control, DREAM act and teacher evaluations

Below are the bills that passed in both chambers of the State Legislature last week (Jan. 21-25) and how our local lawmakers — State...

In Albany: How local lawmakers voted on the first six bills passed in the 2019 state legislative session

Closing the "LLC loophole," voter pre-registration, voter registration transfers, sexual orientation conversion therapy and a bill to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression— where do our local state lawmakers stand?

Utilities now required to give mailed notice of new above-ground transmission lines

Legislation mandating formal community notice procedures on LIPA and PSEG-LI for utility transmission projects has been signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Home heating assistance funds now available

The HEAP program is making $327 million in federal funding available statewide to eligible older New Yorkers and low- and moderate-income New Yorkers to help cover heating costs.

Preservation fund revenues rise in 2017, up 8.3 percent in Riverhead

Real estate transfer tax revenues in 2017 reached the fourth highest total in the 19-year history of the program, Assemblyman Fred Thiele announced this week.

Residents speak out against offshore drilling plan at marathon state hearing

Dozens of speakers blasted a federal plan to allow offshore exploration and drilling for oil and gas during a hearing today in Hauppauge.

LaValle-Thiele: LIPA must consider fiscal impacts on ratepayers and area economy

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele would require the fiscal impacts on ratepayers and the regional economy to be taken into account when PSEG-LI seeks a rate increase.

New law requires disclosure of PSEG-LI payroll in rate proceedings

The next time LIPA petitions the State Public Service Commission for a rate increase, the contractor that manages its supply system will have to disclose its payroll, including executive pay, as well as fees paid to contractors and consultants.

State task force created targeting the sustainability and marketing of New York’s seafood industry

The task force will hold roundtable meetings with stakeholders and make recommendations by Sept. 30, 2019 to promote marketing and sustainability of New York seafood.

Second quarter home sales surge in Riverhead, boosting CPF tax revenues

Second quarter sales in Riverhead Town topped $51 million, an increase of almost 19 percent over the second quarter of 2016.