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Labor Day

Labor Day 2022: closings, stats and a little history

by Sep 5, 2022
Today America celebrates its workers, with a holiday that grew out of the early days of the American labor movement at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the the late 19th century.

Labor Day 2021: closings, stats and facts

by Sep 6, 2021
What's open, what's closed on Labor Day, plus some stats on the workforce before and after the pandemic — and a bit of history about the holiday.

Labor Day: A holiday to honor American workers

by Sep 2, 2019
What's closed, what's open on Labor Day — and what this holiday is all about.

Labor Day 2016: closings, facts and stats

by Sep 5, 2016
Everything you need to know about Labor Day: what's closed, labor and employment stats and facts about the history of this holiday.

Labor Day: closings, facts and numbers

by Sep 7, 2015
It's Labor Day today, a federal and state holiday. Banks, government offices and most non-retail businesses are closed for the holiday celebrating the American worker. But it's not a holiday for the people working in the occupations filled by more Americans than any other: retail and food service. Labor Day is second only to Black Friday as the biggest sales day of the year.