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Life on Purpose

Immerse the world in the ocean of mercy

by Apr 28, 2019
The Divine Mercy devotion started with a nun in Poland

Mute the distractions and embrace the sound of silence

by Mar 17, 2019
The first few days were a little hard. I had to delete apps to keep my focus and reduce the temptation to check in on my social media accounts.

Appreciating life’s ‘ordinary miracles’

by Feb 17, 2019
Johanna Benthal is writing a book about how to change perspective and see miracles in everyday life — “ordinary miracles.”

Opt for progress — not perfection

by Jan 20, 2019
Making resolutions for the new year can seem daunting when you look back at all you didn't accomplish in the year just ended. But rather than be discouraged about what you didn't accomplish, focus instead on progress.
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Take time to enjoy the true gifts of Christmas

by Jan 6, 2019
Taking the time to find signs that point out the same way the Magi journeyed will help us find God in places we least expect.

Do you hear what I hear? The Christmas story reveals God’s voice in ordinary human experience

by Dec 23, 2018
Sit by a crèche and read the Christmas story. And let God speak to you in the ordinary experiences of your life to see the ways in which his extraordinary plans are unfolding in you.

It’s Christmas — what are you waiting for?

by Dec 9, 2018
Beneath all the glitter of this commercialized season, I know many people who are waiting for much greater things than a neatly wrapped gift beneath a Christmas tree.

How a walk in a cemetery can bring peace and perspective

by Nov 11, 2018
The quiet, peaceful atmosphere of a cemetery makes it a comfortable place to pray.

Learning to trust that you can breathe underwater

by Oct 21, 2018
After all, as anyone who has felt like they were drowning in the difficulties of life knows, it’s sometimes hard to breathe when you feel so overwhelmed. The trust that helps me BREATHE also requires that I trust myself and know that am enough, I have enough and God is enough for me.

Gardening: How worry gave way to hope

by Oct 7, 2018
As the flowers bloomed, died and bloomed again, I grieved losses and experienced a renewed hope. Slowly, we all began to recover.