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Life on Purpose

Coping with the clergy abuse crisis in the church: Don’t run, rebuild

by Sep 16, 2018
How does a lifelong, faithful Catholic, reconcile herself with a church plagued by the scandal and horrors of clergy sexual abuse and cover-up?
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Life, repurposed in the hands of God

by Aug 5, 2018
God wastes nothing in our lives — all our life experiences fit into His plan to become spiritual treasures when we most need them.

Learning to appreciate the value of every life, however brief or fragile

by Apr 29, 2018
Every child, regardless of ability, teaches the intrinsic value and dignity of each human person from conception to natural death.
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Called to step out of the dark

by Apr 15, 2018
It may be easier to sit in fear in the dark, but we are called to step out and "tell others about this life."

We never walk this way alone

by Mar 25, 2018
Personal suffering makes one relate to Mary's suffering as she grieved the death of her Son.
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Things are not always as they seem

by Mar 11, 2018
People with visible and those with unseen disabilities, as well as those with no limitations at all exemplify that every life has meaning and purpose and the ability to bring hope.

In the horror on Ash Wednesday, a powerful symbol of hope

by Feb 18, 2018
I don’t know the story behind the woman marked with the sign of the cross, or the sobbing woman collapsed in her arms but I know the pain of grief and sorrow. And I know the sign on her forehead is our reason and the solution to have hope.

In the center of the most stressful life storm … remember to breathe

by Feb 11, 2018
Caring for the spirit is the real foundation of self-care: prayers of gratitude and surrender and remembering to breathe out the stress and breathe in the love of God.

The house that love built: a long-ago Christmas wish, fulfilled

by Nov 26, 2017
Eileen Benthal reflects on her longtime family home — and moving on: "God’s love endures and sustains us, especially when He asks us to get out of the boat, leave our home and take a walk of faith on the water."

The enlightenment of letting go

by Nov 12, 2017
Letting go of what I thought life should be means gratefully embracing what life really is.