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Medical marijuana dispensary

Medical marijuana dispensary in Riverhead is open for business

Medical marijuana's recent legalization is personal for Columbia Care's CEO, who helped his mother overcome her debilitating arthritis pain with a topical balm.

Town board nixes medical marijuana moratorium, green-lights dispensary site over community objections

After a heated discussion with residents who oppose it, the town board green-lights a new location for the medical marijuana dispensary coming to Riverhead.

Opinion: Medical marijuana controversy is a mess manufactured by dumb politics

The medical marijuana controversy is a creature of dumb politics. Congress should reclassify the drug so it to can be prescribed by doctors and dispensed by regular pharmacies — and adequately researched and regulated. But no.

Medical marijuana dispensary should be blocked on Route 58 until impacts are studied, town board members say

“I don’t have a problem with medical marijuana,” said Councilwoman Jodi Giglio. “I have a problem with not knowing the impact on the Riverhead community."