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EPA announces strict federal drinking water standard for PFAS contamination

by Apr 10, 2024
A long-anticipated federal rule establishing strict new drinking water standards for PFAS contamination was announced today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

Riverhead Water District receives $5 million grant for Calverton extensions

by Jan 24, 2024
The Riverhead Water District has received $5 million in grant funding for public water extensions to areas of Calverton with contaminated private wells.

PFAS levels in Peconic River fish prompt advisory from state health officials

by May 24, 2023
Contamination of fish in portions of the Peconic River by the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS prompted the New York State Health Department this week to warn the public to limit consumption of fish caught in those areas.

More PFAS contamination detected inside the Calverton Enterprise Park, Navy investigators say

by Apr 26, 2023
Environmental investigators have found new areas of PFAS contamination — some at very high levels — at the former Grumman site in Calverton, raising questions from community members about possible impacts to development plans for the property.

Riverhead lands $5 million in grants to connect homes in Manorville and Calverton to public water

by Mar 17, 2023
Riverhead has been awarded more than $3.8 million in grant funding for the extension of public water to 64 homes Manorville area, and a separate $1.2 million grant to extend public water to homes on Forge Road in Calverton.

Federal environmental agency proposes national drinking water standards for PFAS

by Mar 14, 2023
The federal Environmental Protection Agency today announced a proposed drinking water standard for PFOA and PFOS of 4 parts per trillion, considered the lowest level at which they can be reliably measured. The proposal is "a game-changer," said environmental activist Adrienne Esposito.

An open letter to Palumbo and Giglio from residents of Manorville: ‘We need your help!’

by Dec 3, 2022
Residents of Manorville, where many private wells are contaminated with toxic chemicals, are angry that NY State has again denied grant funding for public water to 128 homes near the former Grumman facility in Calverton.

Residents call on governor, state lawmakers to fund public water extension in Manorville

by Nov 23, 2022
Clean water activist Adrienne Esposito organized a press conference in Manorville today, where residents gathered to demand state officials provide funding for public water in a remote area of Manorville where private wells are contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Calverton-Manorville residents to rally for clean water Wednesday, after state denied grant funding for public water extension

by Nov 22, 2022
Calverton and Manorville residents will rally Wednesday for clean water, after a request for funding for a public water hookup was denied by the state. “The Thanksgiving menu for Calverton is turkey, stuffing, gravy and a side helping of toxic chemicals,” said Adrienne Esposito of Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

County health department finds PFAS above drinking water standard in more Calverton wells

by Jul 6, 2022
The Suffolk County Department of Health Services is conducting private water well surveys in neighborhoods immediately south of Peconic Lake in Calverton after detecting harmful chemicals above state drinking water standards in 21 properties in the area.