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‘Takkii Ramen’ Japanese noodle house plans fall opening in downtown Riverhead

Takkii Ramen, a privately owned small chain with locations in Pennsylvania, Syosset and Smithtown, plans to open a new restaurant on West Main St., just west of Griffing Avenue this fall.

A new restaurant, Perla Restaurant and Bar, to open at former PeraBell location on Main Street

A new restaurant is readying to open up at the East Main Street site formerly occupied by PeraBell Food Bar.

Spicy’s, iconic Riverhead barbecue joint, has been ‘temporarily’ closed for about a week. Landlord says they told her they’re moving...

Spicy’s, Long Island's oldest barbecue restaurant, closed its doors about a week ago. The iconic West Main Street restaurant has had signs posted in its windows since last Tuesday saying the restaurant is “temporarily closed.” Their phone number is not in service and the landlord says they told her they're moving out. The owners declined comment.

Here’s a sneak peak inside Chef Marco Barrila’s Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen

Chef Marco Barrila is putting the finishing touches on his new Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen on East Main Street and plans a grand opening celebration the middle of this month.

PeraBell Food Bar closes Riverhead location

PeraBell Food Bar has closed its Riverhead location. The building has been sold to an investor and the closing took place on Tuesday, according to Isaac Israel of Richmond Realty, who said he is seeking a tenant for the "turnkey" restaurant property.

Antigua Cafe opens in downtown Riverhead

An upscale Latin eatery has opened its doors on East Main Street in the space next to Ralph's Famous Italian Ices & Ice Cream. Co-owner Jeremy Hobson, a 2005 Riverhead High School graduate, has big plans for its future.

Help wanted: Restaurants struggle for workers after the pandemic

These days, owning a restaurant means having to handle jobs once taken care of by hired help. Owners report they are struggling to fill positions due to a shortage of food service workers.

Michelangelo of Riverhead closes its doors

The restaurant, which opened less than six months before the pandemic struck, is "a victim of this pandemic," the restaurant posted on its Facebook page. The site. where three restaurants have opened and closed in the past decade, is being sold, a source close to the property owner said.

Che Argentinian Steakhouse, downtown’s newest restaurant, overcomes pandemic hurdles to find success

Che Argentinian Steakhouse, which opened in downtown's former Mazi space this spring, serves traditional Argentinian food in an upscale, trendy environment.

With ‘Phase Two’ less than a week away, here’s what to expect on Long Island

In less than a week, you’ll be able to get that long-overdue haircut, shop for new clothes, shoes and cars, go out to dinner at a local restaurant or sip a glass of local wine at one of the North Fork’s vineyards.