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Riverhead Fire Department

Riverhead firefighter awarded Gold Medal of Valor for bravery in daring rescue of elderly resident trapped inside burning home

by Sep 28, 2023
Riverhead Fire Department Lieutenant Justin Berry was awarded the Gold Medal of Valor last night during the Vocational Education and Extension Board of Suffolk County’s Medal Day ceremony at Riverhead Fire Department headquarters. 

Riverhead firefighters battle blaze in Calverton

by Sep 22, 2023
Fire destroyed a home on Middle Road bear Deep Hole Road in Calverton this afternoon. Photos and video.

Riverhead volunteer named firefighter of the year by state firefighters association

by Aug 9, 2023
Riverhead Fire Department Lt. Justin Berry has been named 2023 firefighter of the year by the Firefighters Association of the State of New York for a heroic rescue during a house fire in Dec. 30.

Pulaski Street fire victim speaks out, thanks firefighters for saving her life

by Jul 10, 2023
"I am very, very grateful for the firemen, because I know I would not have survived." The woman who lost one of her cats and all of her possessions in a fast-moving fire on Pulaski Street Jan. 25 speaks out to "set the record straight" about the daring rescue by two firefighters.

Suffolk County fire departments turn out for 150th annual parade on Route 58 Saturday

by Jul 9, 2023
Fire departments from across Suffolk County marched up Route 58 Saturday morning in the 150th Suffolk County Volunteer Firemen's Association Parade. Photos.

Riverhead to host 150th Suffolk County Drill and Parade Saturday morning on Route 58

by Jul 3, 2023
Fire departments from across Suffolk County will march up Route 58 Saturday morning when the Riverhead Fire Department hosts the 150th Suffolk County Drill and Parade. Route 58 will be closed between Mill Road and the traffic circle from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

It’s time to end this manufactured ‘controversy’

by Jul 2, 2023
Firefighters who rescued two women from a burning building in January do not deserve to be the victims of the whisper campaign that seems to have taken root, recklessly spread by the town supervisor no less, which disparages their integrity, their honesty and the dedication with which they serve our community.

Riverhead Fire Department chief responds to Aguiar’s disparaging comments about firefighters who rescued elderly women from burning building

by Jun 28, 2023
Open letter to Supervisor Aguiar: "We are disheartened by your recent comments and want to set the record straight," Riverhead Fire Department Chief Joseph Hartmann wrote. "These men knowingly went into a fully engulfed structure without proper protective equipment or concern for their own safety." The chief is demanding an apology.

Riverhead firefighters put out brush fire near electrical substation Tuesday

by Jun 20, 2023
Riverhead firefighters made a quick stop of a brush fire adjacent to the LIPA substation off West Main Street today.

Aguiar: Riverhead firefighters who rushed into burning building to save two elderly women made false claims about rescue

by Jun 16, 2023
Supervisor Yvette Aguiar declined to attend a ceremony honoring two Riverhead firefighters for a heroic rescue of elderly residents from a burning building. In a 'hot mic' moment during Thursday's work session, she explained why.