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Riverhead Highway Department

All in a day’s work: Retiring highway crew leader looks back on four decades of blizzards, hurricanes and more

Highway Labor Crew Leader Ron Caffrey worked his last day on a job he says he loved to the end. Caffrey, 67, a Riverhead native and lifelong resident, started working full-time at the highway department in August 1981.

Snow complicates much-delayed loose-leaf pickup in Riverhead

Friday’s snowstorm, while not a major snow event, was enough to complicate things mightily for the Riverhead Highway Department and its newly installed superintendent.

Special town board meeting called to ‘direct and require’ highway chief to pick up loose leaves

The Riverhead Town Board will “direct and require” Highway Superintendent George Woodson to perform loose leaf pickup this year in a resolution to be acted on during a special town board meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m., according to a meeting notice posted on the town's website today.

The autumn leaves will fall — and the perennial argument over leaf pickup will continue

A standoff remains between the town highway superintendent and the town board over loose leaf pickup in Riverhead.

Riverhead internal audit committee faults highway department’s compliance with town policies

The Riverhead Highway Department has occasionally violated the town’s procurement policy and procedures and has inconsistent documentation for certain equipment and purchases, according to an audit report by the town’s internal audit committee.

Highway Superintendent George Woodson announces retirement

After 36 years at the highway department, the last 13 as its chief, Superintendent George "Gio" Woodson is not seeking re-election and will retire at the end of this year.

Rift between highway superintendent and town board widens over responsibilities, equipment and staffing

The already-fraught relationship between the Riverhead highway superintendent and the town board — whose differences have already landed in court — has further deteriorated with disputes over hiring, equipment purchases and accepting new town roads without the highway chief's consent.

Residential loose leaf pickup program will continue this year in Riverhead

Following months of wrangling with the town board, Highway Superintendent George Woodson has agreed to pick up loose leaves for a three-week period beginning Nov. 30.

Storm debris pick-up continues in Riverhead

While the emergency pick-up of debris from Tropical Storm Isaias is taking longer than anticipated due to the volume of material to be collected, the operation continues and Highway Superintendent George Woodson hopes to have it wrapped up this week.

Road work ahead this week in Riverhead

Sections of Middle Road, Park Road, Roanoke Avenue and Sound Avenue are scheduled for paving Tuesday and Wednesday. Roads will be closed to all but local traffic.