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Tick-borne diseases

Protect yourself: tick season is here

Most ticks emerge in April and May. Learn how to protect yourself from tick bites and what to do if you get bit by a tick.

County health department schedules ‘tick-talk’ sessions at local libraries

A county-wide tick bite prevention education campaign kicks off today at libraries across Suffolk,

Tick borne disease symposium set for May 18

East End Tick & Mosquito Control and Tick Wise Education will host a tick borne disease symposium Saturday, May 18, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Long Island Aquarium Sea Star Ballroom.

Is the battle to control vectors — and the diseases they spread — winnable?

Long Island is now considered "ground zero" for Lyme disease and once-exotic viruses and other infections are gaining a growing foothold. How goes our struggle against these vectors and the costly and deadly illness they bring with their bites? In two understated words: not well.

Suffolk Closeup Here’s hoping ‘anti-vaxxer’ hysteria doesn’t kill new Lyme vaccnine

A second Lyme vaccine is in clinical trials under an expedited review by the FDA. An earlier vaccine, approved in 1998, was pulled from the market after a class-action lawsuit a year later claiming the vaccine caused arthritis.

Be tick-smart: Riverhead Free Library hosts free talk, May 25

Find out all the information you need to know about preventing tick bites and treating the diseases ticks can spread.

Riverhead Free Library to host a series of tick information programs

Southampton Hospital's Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center has arranged a series of programs covering education about and prevention of tick-borne diseases, the Alpha-gal meat allergy and a program aimed at teaching children about tick safety to be held at the Riverhead Public Library.

Tick-borne disease rates higher on East End than all of Suffolk County

More cases of tick-borne diseases have been reported on the East End than almost anywhere else in Suffolk County in recent years.