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Veterans Memorial Park

Riverhead approves bike-share program, which will likely launch in May

The town board yesterday approved an agreement to bring the PedalShare bike-share program to Riverhead. PedalShare has already acquired...

Town park in Calverton can be a ‘mecca’ for sports tourism, superintendent says

Riverhead Recreation Superintendent Ray Coyne has an ambitious vision for Veterans Memorial Park, the largely undeveloped 90-acre town park in Calverton.

Parks and rec facilities need repairs and upgrades, Stotzky Park soccer field closed for renovation this spring

The town’s only multipurpose recreation field has to be closed until about June for repairs, Riverhead Recreation Superintendent Ray Coyne told the...

Youth Bureau schedules Earth Day cleanup activity, April 23

If you are a Riverhead student and don’t like seeing litter in our parks and on our beaches, this event is for you. The Riverhead...

Riverhead Skate Park will reopen by Memorial Day after almost $50k in repairs

Years of neglect and lack of maintenance left Riverhead Skate Park in such a state of disrepair that last spring, town officials decided it was no longer safe to use.