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Walmart reverses corporate policy on locked cases for African-American beauty care products

by Jun 11, 2020
Corporate policy allowed store managers to decide whether to place products in locked cases. Walmart said about a dozen of its 4,700 U.S. stores had such a policy in place. The Riverhead Walmart was one of them until local resident Patricia Fulford took on the retail giant in January 2019.

After complaints of race discrimination, Riverhead Walmart removes locked glass doors from ‘multicultural hair care’ case

by Feb 1, 2019
One day after defending locking up African-American hair care products behind glass doors, Walmart apparently reversed course. The retail giant today removed a glass barrier from the case in which the products are displayed in its Riverhead store.

Residents irate over Walmart locking up African-American hair care products in glass case

by Jan 31, 2019
African-American hair care products were the only hair care products in a locked case in the health and beauty products department at the Riverhead Walmart today. A sign above the case reads “Multicultural Hair Care.” The move has angered Riverhead residents and spurred one customer to action.

Multi-screen movie theater plans taking shape for old Walmart site on Route 58

by Feb 11, 2016
Route 58 shopping center owner has drawn plans to build a new, freestanding multiscreen theater on eastern portion of shopping center site vacated by Walmart in December 2013, Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter says. Two freestanding restaurant pads are also proposed. A large portion of the existing plaza would be demolished.