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Water rates

Town Board poised to approve water rate increase targeted at water district’s biggest customers

by Jul 29, 2022
Riverhead Water District Superintendent Frank Mancini has proposed that the district change its billing system to a tiered rate structure that would have customers who use more water pay a higher rate, with the aim of encouraging conservation. Rates will increase across the board to cover the districts increasing costs.

Riverhead adopts water rate hike and use restrictions

by Jul 7, 2020
Riverhead Water District customers will be paying more for water under a new rate structure adopted today by the Riverhead Town Board. At the same time, the water district has imposed use restrictions on its customers.

Riverhead Water District rate increase, new capital improvement surcharge proposed

by Jun 8, 2020
Among the deferred capital projects that urgently need attention is rehabilitation of the elevated water storage tank just north of Route 58, which the water district's engineers said needed the work in 2010. Its condition has reached a 'critical point,' the water district superintendent said last week. Photo: Peter Blasl
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Riverhead Water District rate hikes approved, effective August 1

by Aug 24, 2016
Riverhead Water District rates and fees have gone up, effective Aug. 1, under new schedules approved by the town board last week.