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To the Editor:

Your excellent article “Is Riverhead prepared to handle the impacts of climate change?” by Denise Civiletti (Nov. 28) outlines the current and future impacts of climate change locally, and what can be done, including the town’s new Environmental Advisory Committee, a bi-county approach and a regional approach.

A national action has just been taken, a breath of fresh air. On Tuesday, five members of the House of Representatives introduced the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, market-based climate legislation that places a steadily rising fee on carbon pollution and returns 100 percent of revenue to households. All revenue from a carbon fee paid by companies extracting fossil fuels from U.S. lands would be directly rebated to U.S. households to give us a monthly “dividend” for 20 years, starting at about $150 a month.

Bill sponsors Ted Deutch, D-Florida; Francis Rooney, R-Florida; Charlie Cris, D-Florida; Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pennsylvania; and John Delaney, D-Maryland; should be applauded for their bipartisan collaboration. Their leadership has yielded a bill that decreases U.S. carbon emissions 33 percent over the next decade, all while creating over 2 million new jobs, lowering health care costs, promoting energy innovation, and addressing the impact of energy prices on farmers and low-income households.

I hope to soon see support from U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, D-NY-1 and the rest of the New York Congressional delegation. It’s time to put aside our partisan differences and come together to enact the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in the next Congress.

Mary Foster Morgan
Volunteer, Citizens Climate Lobby
Co-Leader, Long Island East Chapter

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