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Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Riverhead Town rose from 896 on Nov. 1 to 1,131 on Nov. 27. Suffolk County's testing percent-positive rate rose to 3.8% and New York's rate reached 4% for the first time since May 20. "We are entering a challenging period of sustained COVID-19 spread across this state," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said yesterday. Full story.
With colder weather driving people indoors, “COVID fatigue” prompting people to be less cautious in social and business interactions and the virus raging out of control in other parts of the country, Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week said the COVID testing percent-positive rate would likely increase to more than 12% in New York State over the course of the holiday season. Full story.
The cancellation punctuates a year of canceled community events, parades and festivals. Ironically, the 2019 Santa parade and bonfire was the last big community event to be held before the pandemic struck New York in March, soon followed by a statewide lockdown. Full story.
Thanksgiving will be different at our house this year — starting with a change of venue, because social distancing won't work at our house, built when "cozy" was good. And that's just the beginning. Full story.
“The way it’s going right now, it’s looking like March all over again,” PBMC president and CE0 Andrew Mitchell said today, as COVID infections and hospitalizations rise ini Riverhead and across Suffolk County. Full story.
Some new restrictions on businesses, houses of worship and social gatherings take effect today in the Riverhead 'precautionary yellow zone' focus area. Full story.
The Riverhead micro-cluster zone takes in the central portion of the Riverhead hamlet south of Sound Avenue, principally between Horton Avenue on the west and Cross River Drive on the east. The zone juts west south of Middle Road between Osborn Avenue and Mill Road. The Riverhead yellow zone also takes in part of Northampton, Riverside and part of Flanders in the Town of Southampton. Full story.
Riverhead High School and Riley Avenue Elementary School will move to remote-only instruction beginning Tuesday, following onsite COVID-19 testing conducted in the school district today, Full story.
Part of Riverhead and Hampton Bays have been designated a COVID-19 “yellow zone” micro-cluster, bringing a number of new restrictions on business, schools and social gatherings, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this morning. Full story.
Cuomo did not say which parts of the county are headed for micro-cluster designation, but his slide showing 'Highest Rates in New York State' includes three Suffolk hamlets. Hamlets singled out by county executive last week —Riverhead and Hampton Bays — not listed. Full story.
After confusing official reports of spiking COVID infection rates in Riverhead, I sought the town-level data. What I got was a bunch of baffle-gab and bullsh*t and a state official essentially telling me to take a hike. Full story.
Free outdoor COVID-19 testing will begin at the county center in Riverside on Monday, Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar announced this afternoon. Full story.
A COVID testing site in the Riverhead Central School District tested more than 150 people today — all of them negative as of 3:30 this afternoon. Full story.
County Executive Steve Bellone said testing programs in the Riverhead and Hampton Bays school districts are part of the county's efforts to get community spread of the coronavirus under control. Full story.
Two Riverhead High School students, one Aquebogue Elementary School student and one Riley Avenue School student have tested positive for COVID-19, Interim Superintendent Christine Tona said in a letter to the school community tonight. Full story.
COVID-19 test positivity rates in Riverhead have averaged over 4% for 10 days, according to Riverhead Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar. Total confirmed COVID cases among Riverhead Town residents have increased by 134 new confirmed cases in the past two weeks, according to data provided by the Suffolk County health department. Full story.
The Riverhead school district is working with Suffolk County to begin a voluntary, in-school COVID-19 testing program to test approximately 20% of the school population — staff, students, and faculty — over a two-week period, beginning Friday. Full story.
Two elementary school students have tested positive for COVID-19, the Riverhead Central School District announced this afternoon. Full story.
Riverhead has been identified as an area approaching COVID-19 “micro-cluster status”, the town supervisor warned. Designation as a micro-cluster focus area would mean tighter restrictions on Riverhead businesses, schools and residents. Full story.
Inmate visits will be suspended as of the end of the day Saturday, Nov. 21 to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19, as the infection rate in the county increases, Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr. announced today. Full story.
Hospitalizations in New York exceeded 2,000 for the first time since June 10. COVID test positivity rates continue to climb, reaching a statewide positivity rate of 3.2% Monday. Full story.
Six employees at the Riverhead Friendly's have tested positive for COVID-19, county health officials said today. Full story.
Riverhead elementary school students will not be back in school five days a week until Jan. 11, officials announced, after several new COVID-19 infections were reported in multiple Riverhead schools this evening. Pulaski Street School will also be closed to in-person instruction through Nov. 30. Full story.
The county health commissioner said the health department will redirect its resources to focus on investigating community spread of COVID-19, since it has become "increasingly clear" the disease is spreading through gatherings outside of school, rather than in schools. Full story.
Confirmed positive COVID cases in Riverhead residents have risen nearly 14% since the beginning of the month — nearly double the case increase in the county as a whole. Full story.
Pulaski Street School will be closed tomorrow because three teachers there have tested positive for COVID-19, the school district announced. Full story.
More than five months after his discharge from the hospital, where he spent 50 days battling COVID, Dan Leonard, 73, still suffers from an array of symptoms, some of them debilitating. Full story.
COVID-19 is already the third-leading cause of death in the U.S., behind heart disease and cancer, based on recent years' mortality data from the CDC — more than accidents, respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimers and influenza. COVID deaths so far this year exceed the total number of all influenza deaths during the past six flu seasons. In the seven-day period ending Thursday, 7,952 Americans died of COVID-19. For perspective: that’s equivalent to the number of fatalities if 22 fully occupied Boeing 747 jets crashed and killed everyone on board. Full story.
Another Riverhead elementary school will be closed until Nov. 30, following a new diagnosis of COVID-19 in a teacher, one day after the school district announced a student at the school had tested positive. Full story.
With coronavirus infections increasing rapidly across the state, Bellone warned residents today that the county could be entering a “dangerous period” of the outbreak, and Cuomo said further statewide restrictions may be necessary to curb the spread. Full story.
A student at Phillips Avenue Elementary School has been confirmed positive for the coronavirus, as the virus continues to surge on Long Island and across the state. Full story.
A non-instructional employee at Pulaski Street School has tested positive for the disease, Interim Superintendent Christine Tona announced in a letter to the community last night. Full story.
Restaurants, bars and gyms in New York State must end indoor and outdoor service after 10 p.m. each day under a new curfew that will take effect Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced in a phone conference this afternoon. Full story.
Two non-instructional staff members — one at Riverhead High School and another at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School — have tested positive, as has a teacher at the high school, Interim Superintendent Christine Tona said in a letter to district families today. Full story.
A grim County Executive Steve Bellone warned residents today that there is 'large community spread" of the coronavirus in Suffolk again. In Riverhead, the school district reported three more cases among staff and a large number of close contacts and said one of its elementary schools would be shut until after Thanksgiving. Full story.
The one-day increase in new confirmed cases is the biggest Suffolk has seen since early May. Full story.
The North Fork Country Club in Cutchogue has had its liquor license summarily suspended after hosting a “super-spreader” event last month that led to at least 34 COVID-19 infections, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today. Full story.
It’s not looking good for high school winter sports this year, according to state officials , who say with the coronavirus infection rate going up across the state, they are “not inclined to go ahead with opening winter sports at this time." Full story.
Update November 9, 7:03 am

Pfizer has announced its two-dose vaccine was more than 90% effective in its trial, the New York Times reports. Pfizer plans to ask the Food and Drug Administration for emergency authorization later this month. The drug maker says by the end of the year it will have manufactured enough doses to immunize 15-20 million people, according to the NY Times story.

New York State’s positivity rate — the ratio of positive test results to the total tests reported — climbed to 2.4% Saturday, up from 2.2% Friday. Suffolk's positivity rate climbed to 2.7%. Full story.
Suffolk County's positivity rate was 2.5%. Riverhead had 38 new confirmed cases Nov. 1 through Nov. 6. Full story.
Data reported yesterday by the State Department of Health showed statewide 2% of the 160,705 people tested Thursday were positive for the for the virus. Full story.
As confirmed coronavirus cases pass the 50,000 mark in Suffolk, the test positivity rate climbs and COVID hospitalizations reach highest number since the region entered phase four of reopening on July 8. Full story.
Restaurants, still operating under 50% indoor capacity limits established by the governor’s executive order in response to the coronavirus pandemic, need outdoor dining to help them survive. Full story.
Large social gatherings this month, including one on the North Fork, have led to dozens of coronavirus infections in eastern Suffolk County and hundreds of people are under quarantine as a result. Full story.
The Riverhead Board of Education last night authorized the purchase of plastic barriers for student desks at Pulaski Street Elementary School at a cost of $36,000. Full story.
A teacher at Riverhead Middle School and a teacher at Riley Avenue Elementary School have contracted the disease, according to Interim Superintendent Christine Tona. Full story.
There will be no in-person instruction in Riverhead Central School District until at least Nov. 4 due to the quarantine of "many additional" transportation department employees, following confirmed cases in several employees last week. Full story.
Police said they broke up a party of about 300 people that took place on Middle Road Oct. 9 and charged the host with violating N.Y. State Public Health Law and COVID-19 emergency regulations. Full story.
“As of 4:30 p.m. on October 23, 2020, we feel that we can safely run our transportation department on Monday,” TInterim Superintendent Christine Tona wrote in a letter to the community. Full story.
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