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Calverton Enterprise Park

Triple Five agreement with Brookhaven IDA for Dowling aviation campus is terminated for noncompliance

The Triple Five subsidiary that bought the Dowling College aviation campus in a bankruptcy proceeding in 2018 has been forced to terminate its benefits agreement with the Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency.

Civic coalition brings concerns about Calverton drag racing events to State DEC

The EPCAL Watch Coalition wrote to DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos to ask the state environmental watchdog to step in to make sure the drag racing events won't endanger the groundwater aquifer or protected grassland habitats. Of particular concern, the group said, is a solvent-based resin to be used to enhance traction on the runway for drag racing.

Navy, under fire for groundwater pollution in Manorville, may use unpublicized survey to justify dissolving Grumman cleanup advisory board

The Navy is quietly conducting a survey to measure the community's 'environmental concerns' about the former Grumman site in Calverton. A Navy rep said lack of community interest may mean a 23-year-old community advisory board should be shut down.

Coalition calls on town officials to pull the plug on Triple Five land deal

A coalition of citizens, civic groups and environmental organizations is calling on town officials to pull the plug on a $40 million...

Riverhead cancels Luminati runway use agreement, licenses EPCAL taxiway to rocket engine start-up Launcher

Riverhead Town has canceled the runway use agreement it signed with Luminati Aerospace and has authorized a license agreement with tech start-up Launcher Inc. for use of part of the runway taxiway.

Status update meeting with Calverton Aviation and Technology set for Oct. 17

Calverton Aviation and Technology representatives are scheduled to return to a Riverhead Town Board work session on Oct. 17 to update the board on the company's development plans for the Calverton Enterprise Park.

The Great Grumman Giveaway II

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the “Great Grumman Giveaway” election campaign of Republicans running for town board in 1999 on the platform that the Democratic majority in office had sold off the town’s most valuable asset for a song.

Buyer in Calverton land deal sketches out vision of ‘Silicon Valley of the east’

"We are looking to transform the economy of the East End and one day this region could be recognized as the Silicon Valley of the east. It's a big goal, but it starts with a first step." Chris Kent, attorney for Calverton Aviation and Technology, laid out the company's vision for the Calverton Enterprise Park in general terms at Thursday's town board work session.

What to do about EPCAL? Town board meets with special counsel for advice

Representatives from Calverton Aviation and Technology will make a public presentation to the town board at its Aug. 1 work session, following the town board's closed-door meeting with its special counsel this morning to discuss its rights under the contract of sale with CAT, an affiliate of Triple Five Group.

U.S. Motorsports Association agrees with local advocates: ‘Long Island needs a drag strip’

A drag strip on Long Island would be a “catalyst for economic development and positive growth,” according to a national motorsports group in a report released yesterday.