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Not a ‘traditional warehouse’: Residents tell planners NorthPoint should be analyzed using traffic data for high-cube fulfillment centers

Riverhead planners are using traffic data for a traditional warehouse to analyze NorthPoint's projected traffic impacts on local roads. Residents object, arguing the standard underestimates traffic for fulfillment centers, but the town's traffic consultants defend their analysis.

Suffolk County Water Authority receives $5 million from feds Calverton water extension

The Suffolk County Water Authority will received $5 million of federal funding to bring public water extension to homes in Calverton within the Town of Brookhaven, some of which have drinking water wells contaminated by toxic chemicals.

The Town Board said no to a hearing on an important topic of major concern to hundreds of residents. Whose...

"I don't owe you an explanation," the supervisor barked in response to a constituent's question. The outsized influence of the development crowd and the diminished influence of ordinary citizens in Riverhead were on vivid display at the last Town Board meeting. How did it get this way and why? RiverheadLOCAL editorial.

A split Town Board refuses to hold hearing on proposed industrial moratorium in Calverton

A split Town Board on Wednesday declined to schedule a public hearing on a proposed moratorium on industrial development in Calverton, with a majority turning their backs on Calverton residents who have turned out in force to press the board to hit the brakes on development in the hamlet.

Riverhead slated to receive another $2 million from feds for clean water projects

Congress is expected to pass a spending package this week that includes $2 million for public water extensions for homes in Riverhead serviced by private water wells contaminated by harmful chemicals.

Outcry for industrial moratorium reaches fever pitch at contentious Town Board meeting

Though the Riverhead Town Board never scheduled a hearing on the moratorium the community has been demanding for many months, they had one yesterday, whether they liked it or not.

Calverton moratorium sputters, currently lacks three votes even for public hearing

“I just wanted to get this going. I thought I’d get three votes to at least go to a public hearing. But apparently not,” Council Member Tim Hubbard said after last week's work session, when he asked to have the moratorium resolution taken off the agenda for today's Town Board meeting.

Navy won’t change stance on groundwater pollution outside the Grumman fence, despite new EPA health advisory for PFAS

In making decisions about how to handle groundwater pollution in areas outside the former Naval installation in Calverton, the Navy will continue to rely on a federal health advisory level for PFAS that the EPA abandoned in June because it did not protect human health. No additional drinking water sampling is planned, a Navy project manager said this week.

Resolution calling public hearing on Calverton moratorium pulled from Town Board’s agenda

The resolution calling a public hearing on a proposed moratorium on industrial development in Calverton has been pulled from the packet of resolutions scheduled to be acted on by the Town Board Tuesday night.

Public comment period begins for HK Ventures supplemental impact statement

The supplemental impact statement discusses cumulative impacts of warehouse proposals on Edward Avenue/Route 25 intersection.