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Cardboard boat races

Cardboard + duct tape = boats that float. (Mostly.)

Photos: Cardboard boats of all shapes and sizes raced up and down the Peconic River in downtown Riverhead Saturday morning in the annual cardboard boat races.

Riverhead Cardboard Boat Races set sail Aug. 13

Cardboard boats will set sail — or not — in the Peconic River on Saturday, Aug. 13 in Riverhead's Cardboard Boat Races, a crowd-pleasing summer event in downtown Riverhead since 2010.

Some float, some don’t: Riverhead’s cardboard boat races return

A large crowd lined the downtown Riverhead dock to cheer the paddlers, who raced in homemade boats made only with cardboard, duct tape and paint. Lots of photos from Saturday's event.

Registration open for cardboard boat races

Riverhead's popular cardboard boat races return to the Peconic Riverfront Aug. 7, after a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Cardboard Boat Races make a splash in Riverhead

A summertime favorite returns to the Peconic Riverfront. Photos.

Cardboard Boat Races set for Aug. 10

The ninth edition of the zany popular event takes place Saturday Aug. 10 on the Peconic Riverfront in Downtown Riverhead

Riverhead’s crowd-pleasing cardboard boat races return to the Peconic

Hundreds of people crowded the Peconic Riverfront in downtown Riverhead today to watch the annual Cardboard Boat Races, which drew dozens of contestants battling for supremacy on the river in boats made only of cardboard, duct tape and paint. Photo gallery and video.

Riverhead’s annual Cardboard Boat Races set sail this month

Grab some cardboard and duct tape and make yourself a boat. Riverhead's 10th Annual Cardboard Boat Races take place Saturday Aug. 11.

Riverhead’s Great Cardboard Boat Races return to the Peconic River

Elaborate creations of cardboard and duct tape raced up and down the Peconic River today in downtown Riverhead in the comeback of a popular summer event after a one-year hiatus.

Cardboard boat races to make comeback

The Riverhead cardboard boat races, which were canceled last year, will be revived this summer in a joint effort by the Riverhead BID Management Association and the Riverhead Chamber of Commerce.