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Congratulations to the Class of 2021, ‘inspiration’ in a year of adversity

Though the graduation ceremony may have outwardly seemed like any other, it was anything but ordinary, culminsting, as it did, a year of extraordinary challenges. Photos.

Riverhead CAP launches ‘celebrate sober’ campaign in advance of graduation celebrations

In partnership with local businesses and Peconic Bay Medical Center, CAP is placing 2-inch stickers on participating businesses' items — like deli sandwiches, take out bags and coffee cups — which say: “Congratulations Class of 2021. Live Your Best Life: Celebrate Sober.”

Riverhead schools set dates for in-person graduation ceremonies with COVID restrictions

Riverhead schools will have in-person graduation and moving up ceremonies this year with COVID restrictions and allowing two guests per student, according to Interim Superintendent Christine Tona.

Newly released state data show mixed outcomes in Riverhead graduation rates

Riverhead High School’s graduation rate dropped to 79% in 2020, down from 82% in 2019 and 84% in 2018. But the overall graduation rate does not tell the whole story, as a deeper dive into data released this month by the State Education Department shows.

A socially distant send-off: Riverhead’s Class of 2020 honored in multiple diploma ceremonies

Riverhead High School awarded diplomas to four groups of students today in its first series of outdoor diploma ceremonies.

Graduation requirements should address relevant skills for all students

what does it take for our students to be prepared for the 21st century to be lifelong learners and contributors to society?

Riverhead High School Class of 2019 commencement: photos

The Class of 2019 bid farewell to Riverhead High School Wednesday evening and, in the words of valedictorian Joshua Caskie, 'stepped forward' to begin their life's journey.

Photos: Riverhead High School 2018 commencement exercises

Riverhead High School’s commencement exercise for the first crop of graduates born in the 21st century took place this morning in the high school gymnasium. An overflow crowd packed the auditorium to capacity to watch the event remotely.

A bittersweet day for the Class of 2017

The Riverhead High School Class of 2017 is no stranger to tragedy and the losses they suffered during their high school years weighed heavily on the students at today's commencement. Photos.

Class of 2016 learned how to cope with change as Riverhead High School underwent its own transformation

In their four years at Riverhead High School, members of the Class of 2016 saw “an amazing transformation” at the school — and will always remember living through months of renovation and construction.